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Airsoft inner barrels

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Inner barrels - description and characteristics

What are inner barrels?

Airsoft is a game where every player strives to improve their skills and effectiveness. Upgrades and tuning of the equipment are therefore desirable - the players want their replicas to be more accurate, have greater range and better focus. So they often add electronic components increasing firing speed and trigger response. They adapt the replicas themselves to the type of game, adding sights, torches and other elements of tactical equipment. Often tuning the equipment is much more expensive than buying a replica alone! One of the elements that we often replace is also the inner barrel.

Benefits of replacing the inner barrel

Tuning, which involves replacing the inner barrel, is a fairly simple service that is not a large cost. The barrel is an element of the replica which is responsible for the flight path of the bullet. It affects the accuracy, range and focus of the replica. This is often one of the first things players exchange if they care about these very parameters. The most important parameter to pay attention to when choosing a barrel is its internal diameter - the smaller it is, the better and more accurately is the bullet guided, which of course translates into shooting accuracy. Precision barrels can have a diameter of 6.01 [mm], where the bullet itself is about 6.00 [mm]. Another important element when choosing a barrel is its length, which should be adjusted to the length of the outer barrel. Inner barrels are not very resistant to mechanical damage, so they should be well protected. However, if you decide on a longer model, it is a good idea to equip your replica with a silencer that will improve the appearance of the replica and improve the protection of the inner barrel.

Replacing the barrel - what should you watch out for?

It often seems to beginners that replacing the inner barrel is a quick and easy procedure that will immediately improve the performance of the replica. It happens, however, that the service does not bring the expected results, due to the cylinder capacity. It should be remembered that often the manufacturer of a replica adjusts the parts in the gearbox to the appropriate barrel length. Therefore, it is worth having proper knowledge of the elements from which a given replica is built. The longer barrel often also reduces the mobility and usability of the replica itself, e.g. when shooting in confined spaces. It is also worth mentioning that you should buy quality bullets for a precision barrel, which generates additional costs.

Inner barrels - summary

Replacing the barrel constitutes tuning, which will improve the performance of the replica. Best manufacturers of airsoft equipment offer a wide range of additional products, such as: barrels for pistols or for sniper rifles. It should be remembered that accuracy is important not only in replicas suited for forest games. It is also very important in CQB games, where speed and efficiency are vital.