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Inner Barrels

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Precision barrels

If you're an Airsoft enthusiast and you're passionate about collecting firearms replicas, you certainly understand the importance of precise firing, repeatability and accuracy. The inner barrel has a huge influence on the above-mentioned things, provided it fits correctly. A barrel properly matched to the model of a replica weapon increases the capabilities of the shooter, but can also improve even the most difficult gameplay.

We offer our customers high quality inner barrels, which allow them to significantly improve the parameters of the replicas. We offer the following precision barrels: Tornado, PPS, Madbull, Poseidon, Maple Leaf, Specna Arms and Guarder.

Replacing the inner barrel

The correct replacement of the inner barrel plays an important role in the case of the weapon replicas. Basic pistol models often use stock barrels, which are characterized by their poor quality. The result is a low stability of the ball in the barrel. In order to improve the above mentioned parameter it is necessary to select an appropriate precision barrel for the weapon model. It is an element with a reduced diameter, made with great care, using good quality materials, but also perfectly smoothed. By reducing the diameter and ensuring the same dimensions along the entire length of the barrel it is possible to reduce the free space between the walls of the element and the ball. All of this is the key to ensuring proper stability and consequently increasing accuracy. We offer a wide range of models with diameters from 6.01 to 6.20 mm. They are all available in different lengths, but are also made of different materials, including aluminium, steel and brass.

Precision barrel fitting

We've already mentioned that the inner barrel must match the replica model. The best solution is to check the manufacturer's recommendations. We are also happy to help our customers to find the right solutions.

If the barrel is replaced with a model with a smaller diameter than your Airsoft bullets, it may also be necessary to change the ammunition, as too large balls will not fit in the barrel. When choosing the right barrel, it is worth taking into account not only price but also its quality. Ideally, if you use a precision barrel, you will rely on high quality balls that are of equal size, but also have a smooth surface. All this allows you to minimize the risk of the ball jamming inside.

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