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Airsoft pistol

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Airsoft pistol - as a backup airsoft gun and a learning aid for novice shooters

Airsoft pistols are a type of airsoft gun designed to perfectly imitate real firearms, on a 1: 1 scale. They are used for hobby-related purposes. They are often chosen by beginners, as this family of BB guns also includes some of the cheapest airsoft gun models. The choice is quite extensive - also when it comes to airsoft versions of iconic pistols. You can easily buy a Glock, Sig SauerBeretta or Heckler & Koch BB pistol, i.e. the most famous pistol brands.

The types of airsoft pistols

When it comes to the airsoft pistol, you can choose from two main categories: the BB pistol and the airsoft submachine gun, which is classified as a long firearm. They are two completely different constructions - with different possibilities and applications. Airsoft submachine guns are larger and more universal on the battlefield. Their magazines hold more BBs, and due to the construction of this type of airsoft gun - they usually have a longer range. BB pistols on the other hand can be conveniently attached to your belt, which is also useful during battle. They are light and handy, so they work well in certain types of airsoft games.

BB pistols - types of motor

Like other types of airsoft guns, airsoft pistols can also be divided into spring, electric and gas-powered models. The difference here is that, in this category, gas airsoft guns are the most common. The electric airsoft pistol is not that popular yet, although this has recently started to change and manufacturers have increased their offer of airsoft pistols. Of course, we are talking about handguns here, because in the case of airsoft submachine guns, electric models are available on a par with gas-powered models. We also have to mention here the airsoft guns with the simplest design. The spring BB pistol has a very simple structure, free of any advanced functions - making it usually the most affordable. However, it must be reloaded before every shot, which reduces the comfort and smoothness of use.

Airsoft pistol - characteristics and functions

The type of motor utilized in the given airsoft gun affects the way it works, as well as the possibility of using certain functions. The airsoft gas pistol can be powered by green gas or carbon dioxide. Both green gas and CO2 - powered airsoft pistols often come equipped with the Blow-Back system, which imitates the recoil of the bolt, just like in a real firearm. Green gas, however, is more stable at lower temperatures - contrary to CO2, which loses its properties in colder climes and often makes it impossible to take a shot. CO2 airsoft pistols are characterized with higher muzzle velocity, which can be both an advantage, as well as a disadvantage.

The electric Blow-Back system is also used more and more often, also in case of airsoft pistols - the electric ones, of course, the most important element of which is the gearbox. Regardless of which type of power supply you choose - it is worth to make sure that your chosen model comes equipped with the Hop-Up system, allowing to ramp up not only the BB speed, but also the general parameters of your airsoft gun.

The BB pistol and its applications in airsoft

BB pistols have several potential applications in airsoft, depending on their parameters, construction and capabilities. The cheapest and simplest spring airsoft pistols are often used as an element of the airsoft image - they look good in a holster, but are not necessarily useful during battle - mainly because they have to be reloaded after each shot, making it impossible to launch a successful attack against the opponent. Perfectly reproduced spring airsoft pistols can be added to your collection of weapons, and you can also use them for recreational purposes - such as outdoor target practice.

Electric and gas airsoft pistols are often used as backup, i.e. an additional BB gun - in case of failure of your primary airsoft gun. BB pistols can also be used as primary weapons - in CQB or speedsoft scenarios. These are skirmishes in which compact equipment counts, so that you can move efficiently and quickly - and pistols are great for this purpose. However, remember that CQB games impose limits on the muzzle velocity, which excludes CO2 powered airsoft pistols. Their initial velocity is usually much higher than the allowable limit.

When is it worth choosing airsoft pistols?

If you’re interested in recreational shooting, in your garden or at the shooting range, the airsoft pistol will make a great choice. Enthusiasts of games held in closed quarters usually choose airsoft submachine guns, because they are shorter than carbines, while also allowing shooting in bursts or continuous fire while, at the same time, being easier to handle in confined spaces. You can also use this type of weaponry at medium distances; BB pistols will work well in open terrain as a sidearm, but not so much as your primary airsoft gun. An airsoft pistol can therefore be a valuable acquisition, but only if you have a clear idea on how to use it.