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Airsoft masks

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    Airsoft face masks - additional equipment during a shooter

    A tactical face mask is one of the pieces of equipment most often used during airsoft shooters or paintball games. It is mainly used to protect the face, and the market offers various masks, e.g. more or less extensive and covering, and made of materials of differing levels of quality.

    Protective face masks in airsoft

    Eye protection is mandatory during each airsoft skirmish - without it, we will not be allowed on the battlefield. Face protection, on the other hand, is not often mandatory. Of course, the organizers of the particular event can use such a provision in their regulations and add the necessity to use a face mask. The requirements for its construction or the material used for production are then also taken into account. In other cases, the choice of mask depends on the player's preferences. 

    Types of face masks used in airsoft

    The face mask may cover our face entirely, or only the lower part of it. The full face mask is then paired with protective goggles, and sometimes even with a helmet, so we do not have to buy them separately and can rest assured that the whole set is a compatible set. The half mask, in turn, will protect our nose and teeth. Some half masks are so extended that they also protect the ears. This solution is much more convenient for many players, as the face is not completely covered. 

    It is very important to ensure adequate air circulation so that we can breathe freely, which is provided by a mesh mask or a mask with holes around the nose and mouth. It can be made of flexible plastic, light and durable fabric (e.g. neoprene) or metal. Often, different materials, such as neoprene and metal, are combined together to obtain a functional and comfortable protective face mask. In addition, we can choose masks in a uniform color or masks with a camouflage pattern.

    When is it worth using a mask?

    A protective face mask is definitely useful in shooting sports, when, for example, there is a risk of being hit by a speeding BB, as in the case of airsoft shooters. The airsoft face mask will work as face protection both outdoors and indoors. In the heat of battle, we can be hit in the face with a branch or rub against a wall - thanks to the face mask, we will avoid painful scratches. Face masks are also used as an element of styling - e.g. compatible with the selected camouflage. 

    Which mask to choose?

    If we care about the protective function of the face mask, we must definitely pay attention to what the manufacturer guarantees in this matter - for example, what is the level of resistance confirmed by them, e.g. against being struck by a speeding object. It is also very important that the mask provides us with comfort and allows us to breathe freely, which is especially important in a situation of increased effort. The face mask should also be flexible enough for us to be able to adjust it comfortably and securely.

    It is also worth paying attention to the method of fixing the mask on the head, as well as the material used on the inside. The good quality of workmanship offered by the masks of brands such as Stalker or Warq will make it a reusable mask, not a product to throw out after a single game. 


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