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Airsoft tactical masks – what should you know about them? 

Airsoft tactical masks increase the safety of each player during the gameplay. In this type of game, safety aspects are very important. However, if the game takes place in a small space and in dark rooms, the risk of accidental injury increases. There are many models of tactical masks on the market. What should you pay attention to? We would like to advise you!

An airsoft tactical mask - a necessity or an accessory?

In airsoft, the safety of every player is the most important issue. When assembling the tactical equipment, first of all it is necessary to choose the right eye protection (safety glasses or goggles), and the next step is to buy a mask for airsoft. A tactical mask for face provides protection against accidental injuries. There are many models available on the market, including very sophisticated ones, which in addition to protecting the mouth, teeth, nose and cheeks, also protect the ears. When considering whether it is really necessary to buy a mask, it is worth bearing in mind that the head and hands are the parts of the body that will be the first to be seen by the opponent, and the pellet released from the replica has a high speed and can damage the skin.

Types of tactical masks

Currently, the most popular models for airsoft are STALKER type masks. They are usually made of a strong mesh, which at the same time protects, ensures proper ventilation and enables easy breathing. Moreover, it is lightweight and has an excellent value for money. More advanced players point out that it is easier to make a firing position. Of course, STALKER masks from different manufacturers differ in the way they are made and camouflaged. In addition, there are more and less advanced models available, made entirely of mesh or with material inserts. They also differ in the way they are assembled.

You can also find gas masks for airsoft, which are most often chosen to highlight the player's unique style. This type of mask is also suitable for reconstruction of historical events.

Paintball masks that cover the whole face are also used in the airsoft. They are popular especially in the so-called speedsoft (a game of a dynamic and sporting character, where equipment is not as important as in a classic airsoft game) and CQB (Close Quarter Battle) games, where it is easy to have an accidental face injury.

Many players choose to cover their faces with scarves, which are available in many unique designs and colours. They are certainly the perfect complement to your styling, but it is worth remembering that they do not provide proper face protection, so it is advisable to wear an additional protective mask and goggles underneath!

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