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Airsoft sniper

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Airsoft sniper rifle - for sharpshooters

An airsoft sniper rifle is a particular type of weapon. Only experienced players, who demonstrate exceptional shooting abilities, will fully benefit from its possibilities. Using an airsoft sniper rifle comes with specific limitations, which are related to, for example, the dimensions of this type of airsoft gun - which will not suit everyone’s tastes. However, if you see yourself fitting the role of a sharpshooter, the choice of the airsoft sniper rifle seems obvious. All that remains is the choice of the right model.

Airsoft sniper rifles - general characteristics

The BB sniper rifle is designed in order to guarantee long-range, accurate shots. The purpose of this equipment determines its construction. Airsoft sniper rifles should have a long, preferably precision barrel - a feature which increases their dimensions. Sniper rifles are the longest models on the airsoft market, which makes them not suitable for every scenario - airsoft sniper rifles are simply uncomfortable in many situations. For example, they will definitely not work well in CQB games, or in quick actions, during which you have to run a lot, carrying and moving around with your airsoft gun.

As BB sniper rifles are usually spring airsoft guns, they must be reloaded before each shot - this also affects the functionality of this equipment on the battlefield. They are most commonly made of reinforced plastic and metal, forming a strong and durable construction.

Who is the airsoft sniper rifle dedicated for?

Airsoft sniper rifles are designed for specific applications. They are not universal weapons, and thus not meant for every type of airsoft scenario or role in a team. They work best in static games, during which you can hide from the enemy's eyes, assume a convenient position, and then precisely eliminate one enemy after another. If you see yourself in such a role, excluding running around the tournament area in pursuit of the opposing team, then the sniper rifle is definitely the right type of equipment for you.

Airsoft sniper rifle - types

Spring airsoft rifles are the most common type of BB sniper rifles - and one of the simplest types of design available on the airsoft market. They necessitate reloading before every shot and allow single fire only which, in the case of airsoft sniper rifles, is not such a big disadvantage. After all, this is what they are used for - to eliminate opponents one by one - with single, extremely accurate shots.

Of course, you don't always hit your target with the first shot. If you miss, it would be preferable to repeat the shot right away. You can do this equipped with an electric or gas airsoft sniper rifle, powered by carbon dioxide or green gas. Although such models are not as popular as spring airsoft sniper rifles, you can also find them on the airsoft market. Their main advantage is that they do not require reloading and can be equipped with additional functions, such as the Blow Back system.

Airsoft sniper rifle accessories

If you want to specialize in long-range shooting, you will need not only a good quality BB sniper rifle, but also additional accessories. Sometimes they come in the box with your airsoft gun, but this obviously increases its cost. You can just as well buy them yourself and choose the equipment that suits you best - such as the adjustable bipod and scope.

This is the essential set of accessories, that will guarantee a comfortable experience and allow you to shoot more accurately. The bipod allows you to stabilize a large and heavy airsoft gun during a shot and to comfortably hunt the enemy. The scope, in turn, is an indispensable optical tool for finding a distant target.

What should a quality BB sniper feature?

Airsoft sniper rifles are available in very different price ranges. They can cost less than PLN 500 or more than PLN 2,000, and that’s not taking the type of power supply under consideration. Spring airsoft sniper rifles can also reach such price levels. Why? Well, that depends on the quality of materials and the accuracy of workmanship; on use of systems Hop-Up or the mounted LED module, as well as the class of installed components. Of course, all this translates into the performance of a given model, i.e. its range and focus.

A perfectly fitted airsoft gun, equipped with a precise barrel and an adjustable, good-quality Hop-Up system, will certainly allow you to achieve better results than a model that does not feature these elements. Range also depends on the spring used. The stronger it is, the further the BB will travel - however, the airsoft sniper rifle’s construction must also be more durable. It is thanks to a strong spring that we can achieve higher muzzle velocity - this is an important parameter that characterizes every BB sniper rifle. 1000FPS seems to be a mythical value that can only be achieved with advanced modifications, but a 700 FPS airsoft sniper rifle is easily achievable. However, FPS at the level of 400-600 is a very good result, and it’s also worth to keep in mind that higher values ​​may be subject to regulatory restrictions.

To sum up - what type of airsoft sniper rifles should you choose?

Those that are of high quality or allow for tuning. You do not have to invest in the best and most expensive equipment right away, but it is good to leave an open door for modifying a given model. If you decide on a universal design, to which you can fit various types of stronger and better-quality parts, you will be able to improve it over time and thus improve its parameters. Remember also that the quality of shots is also influenced by technique, and the reputation of a sharpshooter depends not only on their equipment, but also their skills.