Airsoft sniper rifle

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Replica sniper rifles or how to become a sniper in airsoft

The dream of silent elimination of players of the opposing team, while remaining invisible, encourages many airsoft lovers to invest in a replica of a sniper rifle.

What is a replica of a sniper rifle?

A sniper rifle on an airsoft field is basically any replica, which shoots further and more accurately than replicas of other players. The farthest sniper shot in airsoft can exceed a distance of even 100 metres. Sniper replicas most often imitate existing real-life sniper rifles. They provide a unique atmosphere during the game, but you need to remember that they cost considerably more. Replica sniper rifles are made with great precision and accuracy when it comes to fitting individual parts, because even minimal gap can cause a miss. Internal parts of the sniper rifle replicas are also reinforced as there are greater forces at play. Most models available on the market provide an excellent basis for further modification and personalisation.

Types of replicas

Spring replicas

Among spring sniper rifles for airsoft the most popular are the bolt action rifles, i.e. replicas equipped with the bolt action system. These replicas, apart from providing for the best realistic feeling, are the easiest base for tuning. Most of them have an output speed of around 400 FPS, however, due to the long barrel and larger cylinder capacity, they shoot farther than assault replicas. In order to use their full potential and provide an advantage during the game, their power must be increased. When deciding on a replica spring rifle, you must take into account that after each shot, the rifle will need to be reloaded.

Gas replicas

Gas replicas are usually powered by green gas or CO2. Unfortunately, due to the properties of gas, the use of these replicas in winter (especially at low temperatures) can be troublesome. Their advantage is that reloading does not require much strength.

Electric replicas

Any replica that has been modified accordingly may become a sniper rifle. Most common constructions include variants of AR15 (especially those equipped with the V2 long gearbox, which differs from standard V2 gearbox by an increased cylinder capacity), M14, G3 or SL9 being a development version of G36. As with spring replicas, these constructions form a "base" and require tuning to achieve greater range and better repeatability. The greatest advantage of electric replicas of sniper rifles is their self-repeatability, providing the option of "improving" a missed shot.

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