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Airsoft hop-up units and buckings

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Hop-Up units and buckings


Hop-up is a system that puts a spin on the BBs shot out of airsoft gun. It uses the phenomenon called the Magnus Effect. The trajectory of a flying BB is flattened which makes it similar to the trajectory of a projectile. In practice, it is a properly formed silicon or rubber part of the hop-up unit that rubs against passing BB and in result gives it a backspin.
The simplest explanation for the operation of the Hop-Up unit is that the nub adds backward rotation to the BB. The direction of the spin (backspin) imparts an upward force that lifts the BB and balances the power of gravity. As a result, it allows for a longer flight path. The spin depends on how tight is the hop-up rubber. If we are using heavy BBs we need to use the rubber which is tighter and puts bigger pressure on the pellet. It also works the other way round - when the light ball is too heavily curled it can fly above the shot line.

In our wide range of parts and accessories for airsoft guns, you can find various models of hop-up chambers and buckings. We have products from over a dozen manufacturers including Lonex, SHS and AirsoftPro. Many of them will satisfy even the most demanding airsoft players and technicians. Ideally suited for strength and endurance tuning of replicas. Available hop-up units are made of various materials, including aluminum, metal or polymer.