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Airsoft battery chargers

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    How to select the charger for your model replica?

    Charger types

    The basic equipment of every airsoft player who uses an electric replica must include a suitable charger. However, the choice is not easy and it is worth checking beforehand which model is appropriate for your battery.

    Battery types for electric replicas

    Nowadays, replicas are often powered by LiPo batteries, i.e. batteries, which guarantee the replicas a sufficiently long power supply and high performance. It is worth remembering, however, that this type of batteries require correct use and may be damaged during charging if used incorrectly. First of all, we cannot allow such batteries to be completely discharged (the manufacturer always specifies minimum voltage). You also cannot charge them with too much current and store them fully charged, so it is worth buying a specially dedicated charger. Their price is also higher than e.g. NiMH batteries, so you should take care of them and try to prolong their life to the maximum, following the manufacturer's guidelines. Proper use of other types of batteries, LiFe, LiION and NiMH also guarantees their reliable operation and long life.

    How to choose the best charger?

    Nowadays, microprocessor-based chargers work best. They automatically adjust the charging current, check the number and condition of individual cells (i.e. connected battery cells) and, most importantly, cut off the power supply at the end of the charging process. Traditional chargers unfortunately often cause so-called "overcharging" of the battery, which can result in its damage and in extreme cases even self-ignition! 

    Dedicated replica chargers have advanced functions, e.g. they allow the battery to be put into "storage" mode, i.e. they charge the battery to the optimum, which ensures safe storage. This function definitely extends the life of the cells. Chargers with display are also an interesting choice. They give the users the opportunity to check the voltage in a given cell and conduct battery diagnostics. This type of charger will show possible errors or damage. It is also worth adding that these chargers are universal and can be used with any type of battery.

    The price of good chargers is often similar to the price of the batteries themselves, but choosing cheaper equivalents from untested manufacturers is not a good idea. Replacement of the whole battery set or individual cells due to improper charging and incorrect use of batteries always involves a high additional cost. Dedicated solutions from the best suppliers are definitely the best way to go.