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Airsoft patches

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Tactical and military patches

Patches are small attachments that you can attach or sew to your clothes, backpack or other tactical equipment. Patches have their enthusiasts both among airsoft players and fans of military clothing. However, interesting patterns make it possible for everyone to choose some cool model of tactical patch for themselves.

Tactical and military patches are an interesting way to diversify your airsoft uniform or emphasize your belonging to a given group. In case of military and paramilitary formations they are used to show the rank in the hierarchy. In our shop we offer several hundred different patterns, sizes and types of patches. Here you will find patches of different shapes and colour variants. Most of the available tactical patches offered in our shop have a sewn-in Velcro, which enables easy and comfortable fixing on capsbags and other elements of your equipment and clothing. Tactical patches can also be a great way to emphasize your style or a simple but interesting addition. Many of them are based on military or pop culture motifs, while others contain playful slogans.

Military patches in everyday use

Military patches and emblems have quite a long history, during which they gained new meanings and functions. In the past they were used mainly by the military; today they are also a quite popular gadget among civilians. Military patches are most often used by paramilitary groups, participants of historical reconstructions or ASG players.

There are also a lot of badge designs with completely different flavor, referring to contemporary events or pop culture, with new ones being created almost every day. The patches can be used by everyone, not only soldiers, and their diversity means that you can wear a different patch every day. Polish military patches with national symbols and colors are very popular, but blood type military patches are also in frequent use.

Military patches - history and application

Military emblems began to be used before the First World War and were typically informative in nature. Their appearance was very schematic, and their main purpose was to verify the origin of the given soldier - their nationality, military rank and unit. Different patches were worn by a sniper and an air force soldier.

Military air force patches

The informational nature of the patches has developed even more in the case of air force soldiers. The British army was the first to use large emblems that indicated in several languages ​​to which armed forces a given soldier belonged. They also promised a reward for returning the soldier to their countrymen. This type of patch was intended to increase the pilot's chance of survival in case of being shot down in a foreign area. The Americans went a step further and placed gold coins and maps in the pilot's patches, and the information about the reward for returning the soldier was translated in as many as 50 languages.

What are the Morale Patches? US military patches

Patches and emblems with the symbol of the unit, marking the military ranks, did not in any way highlight the individuality of the given soldier. This was achieved by the invention of the Morale Patches, i.e. American military patches made by the soldiers themselves during the Vietnam War. The moral patch earned a more individual character. They carried uplifting slogans or served to pour out grievances. Erotic and sarcastic pictures were drawn. The moral patch has also become a symbol of belonging and community.

Military patches with Velcro and sewn on

You can apply your patches on military or civilian clothes in various ways. Back in the day the patches were mostly of the sewn-on type. Today, the patches are also available with Velcro, because tactical clothing is equipped with Velcro panels, which allow for quick and convenient attachment of patches. Thanks to this, you can easily attach patches to jackets or other elements that make up your tactical equipment. You don't have to sew them on and then rip them off to replace them with new ones. The patch can also be glued with a special glue, but this is not a frequently used solution, as it is not so easy to peel off the patch, one glued in place.

Other types of patches

A patch can be made of various materials and manufactured using various techniques. Patches used to be embroidered by hand, but nowadays the embroidery is done digitally. This enables the precise execution of even the most detailed design. Embroidered patches are more traditional, so this is the type of patches used by the military, but the PVC patch is equally popular among civilians.

Where to wear patches and what kind?

The patch can be placed on various items of clothing, and its location also depends on its pattern. Military forces have their own sets of rules. Military clothing worn by civilians, which also includes patches, can be a source of legal problems. Only some paramilitary organizations can use the original military badges - Territorial Defense Forces and scouts. We offer you patterns similar to the original ones, e.g. military name patches.

You will surely like the patterns of patches that refer to pop culture - your favorite heroes, bands or current events. If a patch of a military nature is to be placed on elements of tactical clothing, it’s most commonly worn on combat shirtsjackets and hats. In everyday life, you can put patches on trousers, backpacks or wherever you want.