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Airsoft gas

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    Airsoft Gas: CO2 Cartridges and Green Gas

    Airsoft guns are commonly powered by two main types of gas: CO2 and green gas. Both these power sources have their strengths and drawbacks. CO2 cartridges offer easier transportation and are typically more cost-effective, whereas with green gas, refilling magazines becomes a breeze.

    Currently, CO2 and green gas are the most favored choices for powering gas-powered airsoft guns. In our store, you'll find both CO2 cartridges and containers of green gas in various capacities. CO2 cartridges are particularly user-friendly for transport, offering both efficiency and affordability. We stock CO2 cartridges from renowned brands such as Valken and MOSA. However, it's worth noting that airsoft guns powered by green gas tend to be more popular. For those looking for green gas, we offer containers ranging from 100 to 1000 ML. While transporting larger containers might seem cumbersome, they provide the advantage of quick magazine refills and ensure a consistent supply of airsoft gas. Our product range includes top brands like Smart Gas, Abbey, and Swiss Arms.