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Airsoft motor

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Airsoft motors - what’s worth knowing about them?

Motors in airsoft guns affect trigger response and rate of fire. Replacing the motors can therefore improve the performance of your airsoft gun. Gunfire's offer includes several types of airsoft motors, which are distinguished by excellent workmanship, made from the best materials and components available. As a result, the motors are resistant to external factors and remain reliable even when used frequently and intensively.

Replacing the airsoft guns engine can significantly improve the parameters of a given replica, e.g. rate of fire, which is of great importance during dynamic games. Among our products, airsoft enthusiasts can pick and choose from models with high torque and high rotational speed. High-torque motors can reach their maximum speed rapidly. It is a great choice for people who use semi-automatic airsoft guns frequently. High-speed motors, on the other hand, enable for much better rate of fire.

The products offered on our online store are resistant to the harshest weather conditions and are protected against overheating or burning as a result of a short circuit. They will function in the most difficult and harsh conditions.

Airsoft motors - additional information

Motors for airsoft guns, e.g. the High Torque is characterized by extraordinary strength, but also a higher price than in the case of stock motors. However, for airsoft enthusiasts who value high quality, the higher cost is not a problem. Additionally, it is one of the best solutions for people who care about tuning an airsoft gun. These devices exceed the technical parameters of all stock motors that are pre-installed in airsoft guns, which further improves their effectiveness. All of the offered products are ready to use straight out of the box and do not require any additional configuration, except for some minor adjustments after installation. This eliminates the dilemmas of how to properly connect the airsoft gun motor so that the replica will function properly.