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Airsoft outer barrels

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    Outer barrels

    Outer Airsoft barrels are the ideal solution to improve the accuracy of the firearms replica used. High quality accessories for Airsoft not only increase the efficiency of use, but are also reasonably priced. When choosing the right one, it is worth paying attention to the material it is made of. It should be well designed and resistant to even the most difficult conditions. We offer outer barrels in versions for various replicas of weapons, which makes it much easier to match the right one.

    <p< Please note that each Airsoft gun model requires a different outer barrel. It is also worth noting that the outer barrel has a stiffening function for the internal barrel. This protects it from vibrations and eliminates negative effects on the flight path and the ball's exit speed.

    Not only the length has to match the weapon model, but also the gunpowder it uses. If black powder is used, thick-walled barrels should be used, and with a smokeless gunpowder, thin-walled barrels will work.

    You don't know which solution will be perfect for you? Contact us - we will help you choose.