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Games and Movies Airsoft Guns

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Airsoft Guns from Games and Movies

Weapons have long played a significant role in popular culture, both in video games and in movies. From war epics to science fiction, from first-person shooters to tactical strategies, weapons are often a fundamental element of the plot. These include both realistic models and futuristic ones when the action takes place in the distant future or in a completely unknown, fantastical world. In both cases, these weapons are replicated as airsoft guns.

What game weapons can you have as airsoft guns?

The world of games is a showcase of the unlimited imagination of their creators, who, of course, also draw inspiration from everyday life. That's why in the shooter Call of Duty, we can use M4 carbines (replicated in the Daniel Defense® M4A1 SA-E26 EDGE™ airsoft gun), and Counter-Strike provides us with the famous Belgian submachine gun (in the form of the CM060 airsoft gun). Staying on the topic of machine guns, we also cannot forget about the G294 airsoft pistol – it's the perfect model for fans of the game Far Cry. Meanwhile, fanatical fans of the Resident Evil game will certainly not resist the WE-2058 BIOHAZARD airsoft pistol, which features markings of fictional police units from this now-cult series.

Guns in Movies and Their Replicas

Revolvers are a key element of the Wild West world and the basic prop of every sheriff. For instance, the main character of the popular series The Walking Dead used the replica of the 6" .357 revolver - it saved his life more than once when fleeing from the living dead. In action movies/series, police officers also use pistols. The famous Beretta appeared in the Polish production Psy, and you can have it in the form of the M92 v.2 airsoft pistol. Rifles, carbines, and submachine guns are the weapons used for more spectacular actions. Anyone who has watched the series Generation Kill will certainly recognize the characteristic machine gun, which Specna Arms replicated in the SA-249 PARA EDGE™ model.

These are just a few examples of how the world of real militaria connects with the fictional world of games and movies. The joy of discovering more models is left to you!