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Airsoft silicone oils and preparations

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    Agents, lubricants and silicone oils airsoft

    The maintenance of airsoft guns is an important element of preparation for the season or individual games. Remember to regularly maintain individual elements such as the barrel or the magazine on a regular basis, and less often the gearbox or the entire replica. For optimal protection and smooth operation of your equipment, it is worth getting specialized agents, oils or greases for airsoft guns.

    A regularly maintained airsoft gun will result in better efficiency and hassle-free operation. Therefore, it is worth getting agents, oils or greases that are available on the market for maintaining airsoft guns as well as for firearms. However, before we start using a particular agent, it is worth getting acquainted with the manufacturer's specification of both the replica and the given agent. Due to their variety, it is worth checking which grease or oil is suitable for a given replica and which elements should be lubricated. Our offer includes products for external and internal use. The Blu Gel Abbey oxidizing agent will help in removing scratches on the replica's metal elements, and the Penetrator agent will enable thorough cleaning of the weapon. ProTech ceramic grease can be used for individual lubrication of all moving elements, and you can also purchase a set of lubricants for bearings, gears and seals by Element.