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Airsoft pistons and piston heads

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Airsoft pistons and piston heads for replicas – what should you know about them?

In the life of every airsoft player, there comes a moment when you want to increase and improve the parameters of your replica, which should, of course, translate into being more effective on the airsoft field. This phase is called tuning, and manufacturers outdo each other in providing airsoft fans with additional tactical accessories which will be useful even in the most demanding terrain.

One of the elements that significantly improves a replica’s performance are airsoft pistons and piston heads. Why do so many people decide to replace these components and what airsoft piston types are available? We are here to help. The main reason for replacing these components is to prepare replicas for higher power. What does this mean? A suitable airsoft piston enables safe use of larger springs and also improves tightness, which in turn delivers the aforementioned performance of the airsoft replica.

Usually, the pistons are made of lightweight but very durable materials, e.g., polymers. The lower part of the piston is made of teeth, which work on the sprocket wheel. Due to the great forces and system resistance, gearboxes can even be made of steel. As this is one of the basic elements of each replica that is responsible for shooting, it is not worth it to choose cheaper substitutes. 

Airsoft pistons and piston heads for replicas – what to look for 

It is important that the replacement, tuning and selection of suitable airsoft pistons and heads is done by a qualified person. We do not recommend that tuning be done by people who are just entering the world of airsoft and do not yet have enough knowledge about how airsoft replicas work. It is important to use proven services and qualified specialists. People who are just beginning their adventure, apart from lack of knowledge, do not have the appropriate tools. Therefore, they often achieve the opposite effect to the intended one, and in some cases can damage the replica.

All products offered in this section are made of very lightweight materials, including synthetic materials such as polymers or POM, which is currently very popular among airsoft enthusiasts. Despite their low weight, provide above-average product strength. We encourage you to get acquainted with the offer and take advantage of it!