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Airsoft radios and headset

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    Radios and radio accessories 

    Despite the growing popularity of mobile apps, radio communication is the cornerstone of airsoft game coordination. So it is worth knowing about the radios used in airsoft and what accessories to choose for them.


    Today's radios are compact, lightweight, and can be taken along to any shooting event. They provide a very good quality of connection, so they are the basic equipment for teams that rely on efficient communication. Baofeng handheld radios are the most common choice here. They allow not only for communication on the designated band but also for precise calibration of the so-called channel spacing, which translates into very good sound quality. Most importantly, Baofeng radios are highly durable and resistant to mechanical damage.

    When deciding to purchase one, it is worth bearing in mind that popular "walkie-talkies'', often offered at Internet auctions, will not provide you with the parameters most appreciated in airsoft. Such products are often simply toys, which only means an unnecessary expense for the player. Their limited functionality, short-range and poor signal quality sometimes make them completely useless. So it is worth choosing a model from a manufacturer that specializes in airsoft equipment and accessories.


    The shortwave radio can be used without additional accessories as it comes with a built-in microphone and speaker as standard. Unfortunately, using it this way requires reaching into a pocket or backpack each time, which can give away the player's position.

    The PTT button (Push to Talk) is the basic accessory facilitating radio communication, which should be fixed in a convenient place on your gear. With its help, you can easily transmit even in thick gloves. Equally important are headphones and a microphone or a ready-made headset. Note that manufacturers use different plug standards, so you may need a headphone plug adapter. An alternative to a microphone is the laryngeal-mounted laryngophone, which converts vibrations into sound so it can detect even a whisper.

    Among players who prefer CQB-type gameplay, active ear protectors are very popular and can also be connected to a radio. They protect against both noise and accidental ball hits. Many gamers, looking to cut down on expenses, choose to buy a used, second-hand headset.