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    What is a tactical sling, and what is it used for? 

    One of the basic accessories, often underestimated by novice players, are tactical slings. There are many advantages to using them, more experienced players do not treat them as unnecessary additions. It is worth knowing what to look for when choosing one, as there are many types and kinds of tactical suspensions on offer from the best manufacturers.

    Tactical slings - advantages

    Airsoft is a game where replicas play a key role. These are often perfectly reproduced copies of the actual equipment of many military units from all over the world, both in terms of appearance, length and weight. Sometimes it is the size of the replica that makes prolonged use tiring, especially when moving in difficult terrain. Fatigue results in reduced effectiveness and lack of satisfaction from the game. An excellent solution to this problem, which significantly affects the comfort of using replicas, are various types of tactical slings and suspensions.

    First, tactical slings relieve the players' hands and shoulders and allow them to safely hang the replica when it is not in use. Free hands are another advantage, especially in situations when it is necessary to use a side mounted replica, e.g. in a tight space of a building or when there is no ammunition in the main replica. The extraction time of a short gun replica is definitely shorter, which significantly translates into effectiveness.

    Tactical slings are also a very good solution during scenario-based games. With their help, you can freely throw the replica on your back and easily browse a map, carry other things or climb hills.

    Types of tactical slings

    Choosing the right tactical suspension can be difficult for novice players, so it is worth consulting more experienced airsoft enthusiasts. There are three basic types of suspensions:

    • Single-point suspensions - those which have a single point of suspension of the replica. They work well for quick games, where you move the replica from the left to the right arm. They are quite comfortable and do not cause any problems when it comes to adjustment. However, the disadvantage is the one point of attachment to the replica, which affects lower stability, especially when the replica is not used;
    • Two-point suspensions - ideal for throwing the replica onto your back. Two suspension points make the replica hang quite stiffly, but it is still easy to reach for it. They are easy to adjust and are perfect for forest shooting;
    • Three-point suspensions - these suspensions have two attachment points on the replica and one on the player's body. They are very stable and relieve the burden on the player's hands. They are often chosen for long games and for heavy replicas. Unfortunately, three anchors make it difficult to use them in dynamic games.

    It should be emphasised that there is no single ideal tactical sling. Much depends on the player's preferences, style of play, stature and habits.

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