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Rifle slings

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    Tactical sling for an airsoft gun 

    A tactical sling is an element of tactical equipment that can make it easier for us to use a firearm or and airsoft gun. Not every airsofter feels a need to use one, but if you often take part in long-lasting games that require a lot of activity and quick reactions, then it is definitely worth considering the use of a tactical sling. 

    Tactical sling - types 

    Military equipment in the form of a tactical sling is an element that allows you to carry weapons during engagements and missions - when we have to move around a lot and we need our hands free, but at the same time we have to be ready to fire at any moment. For the same reason, slings for a rifle or other types of weapons are used in airsoft, as well as in hunting. Depending on the type of sling you choose, it may not only increase your comfort - because you don’t have to hold your airsoft gun all the time - but it will also provide greater safety and facilitate maneuvering the airsoft gun while shooting. 

    Tactical slings in the form of belts 

    A load-bearing belts are the basic form of a tactical slings. Those can be divided into three main categories. The 1-point sling is a loop with a buckle for attaching an airsoft gun or a firearm. This type of sling provides great maneuverability and freedom of movement, which is of great importance when we need to quickly find our target. The 2-point tactical sling is attached to the weapon in two places, which provides greater comfort, but slightly poorer maneuverability. The 3-point sling combines these two solutions. It is attached to the airsoft gun in two places. 

    Airsoft gun harnesses 

    The harness combines the functionality of a 1-point sling and suspenders. Thanks to this design, the weight of the weapon is better distributed and does not put so much strain on the neck or shoulder.  

    Other elements of the tactical sling  

    Not only the construction and quality of the belts are important in a tactical sling, but also the workmanship of other elements. This includes buckles, fixing points that allow to attach the airsoft gun and adjust the sling itself. They have a vital influence on the quality of the entire sling, as well as its functionality and comfort of use. Oftentimes the sling is complemented with the MOLLE system, making it a part of a more extensive kit, the individual elements of which complement each other. 

    What are the main characteristics of a tactical sling? 

    It is definitely worth paying attention to the quality of individual elements. If made of high-quality, durable materials, they will definitely serve you longer, and will also prove better in practical use. The choice of a specific type of sling depends on your personal preferences. One-point slings are recommended for CQB games, when freedom of movement is of utmost importance. On the other hand, the two-point sling is generally recommended for airsoft players, because it makes it easier to assume a firing stance, stabilizes the weapon and can be used in a variety of configurations. The three-point sling is a compromise between the two.