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Tactical gloves

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Military / tactical gloves are one of the core elements of equipment, in the military as well as in shooting. They are designed to provide protection and - at the same time - comfort while performing various types of work. For this reason, military gloves are also used by employees of many other professions, as well as hobbyists for whom hand protection is important. Everyone can adjust the type of gloves to their requirements and expectations - and we have a whole range of different models to choose from! There are manufacturers, such as Armored Claw, who specialize in design of gloves and thus can keep on providing us with increasingly functional and modern models.

Types of tactical gloves

Military gloves must, above all, protect our hands from injuries and damage, which is why extremely durable materials are used for their production - resistant to abrasions and cuts. There are also puncture resistant gloves. This is why they are also popular in industries and jobs where sharp tools are used. When it comes to the main types of tactical gloves, there are two categories: full and fingerless gloves.

Full gloves vs fingerless gloves

Full tactical gloves are used wherever it is vital to protect the entire hand - including fingers, e.g. in the aforementioned works with the use of sharp tools. They also work very well in winter, with temperatures below zero and piercing winds, in cases where we have to spend a lot of time outdoors. Most of the available tactical gloves are of the full type, due to the fact that they are often used in difficult or risky situations, when full protection becomes very important. We can also choose the fingerless-type gloves, which are recommended for summery climes and shooting sports, as well as for any user for whom ordinary tactical gloves are simply awkward and uncomfortable. The latter is however a bit difficult to believe, as gloves are now equipped with so many additional functions and are sewn from such awesome materials that wearing should not cause any discomfort - regardless of the situation.

Military gloves - additional functions

Tactical gloves should not only to protect our hands, but also perform well in many different tasks and conditions. They must be comfortable, so as not to interfere with various works and activities - therefore manufacturers are constantly designing new models and using the most modern solutions - e.g. patented fabrics. They can have very different properties, such as protection against cold, wind and moisture, or against sun-generated heat, in order to prevent overheating and sweating. Fireproof tactical gloves will prove themselves in the work of a firefighter or welder, when there is a risk of suffering burns. If we intend to perform precision work in gloves or we want to use them during airsoft or paintball shooters, it is definitely worth choosing a model with silicone inserts on the fingertips that provide a better grip and feel. Tactical gloves with a touchscreen operation function feature a special, thin material on the fingertips, so as the user doesn’t have to take them off to operate a mobile phone or a machine equipped with a touchpad. Certain models of gloves also have additional plastic inserts in sensitive areas, which are designed to protect against injuries.

What other features should be included in tactical gloves?

You must remember that the abovementioned functions are a feature of professional gloves from tried and tested manufacturers, such as Armored Claw, who use the most modern materials in their products. Their functions and, above all, the offered degree of protection are confirmed by tests. Before choosing a particular model, you should make sure that they will be effective in preventing injuries in the conditions in which you intend to use them. Another important issue is, of course, the comfort of wear, which we can provide ourselves with thanks to pleasant materials and choosing the proper size - a useful function here would be the possibility of adjustment. Tactical gloves must be durable and reliable. It’s recommended not to stint when buying them. Our recommendation is to always chose professional and proven models, which are guaranteed to actually fulfill their designated tasks.


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