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Specna Arms Core

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    Airsoft guns from the Specna Arms CORE series

    High-quality airsoft guns at an affordable price are a highly sought-after product among all airsoft enthusiasts. They provide us with long-lasting and fantastic longevity as well as functionality on the battlefield - that's exactly what the models belonging to the SA CORE line offer. They are made of metal and damage-resistant synthetic materials, making them durable while maintaining optimal weight. This makes them ideal for both assault and defensive operations.

    What are Specna Arms CORE airsoft guns?

    Specna Arms is one of the most well-known manufacturers of airsoft equipment, designing various lines of airsoft guns to meet the needs of many players. The CORE SA series is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Their flagship models, such as SA-C03, SA-C06, or SA-C07, are popular because they incorporate many high-quality components. The gearbox is equipped with reinforced elements, allowing it to work with even the most powerful springs, and the ESA system enables quick spring changes. This gives us better control over our airsoft gun, allowing us to adjust its parameters for various games. The CORE line also features precision barrels with a diameter of 6.03 mm, which, when combined with high-quality BBs, ensure excellent shot consistency. Playing with such an airsoft gun is always great fun - they won't let us down during skirmishes and provide functionality that allows us to truly compete for victory.