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    Earmor - professional hearing protectors

    Earmor is a brand owned by OPSMEN Co. LTD, which specializes in the manufacturing of professional hearing protectors, and shooting accessories. They are mainly used in shooting activities - e.g. on hunting or airsoft games, but of course they are also used in many other situations where hearing needs to be protected against damage caused by loud noises.

    Earmor hearing protectors

    The brand manufactures passive and active hearing protectors. The passive ones, such as the Earmor M06A model, suppress sounds with thick foams - they suppress the noise from our surroundings. They work well in areas where there is no need for communication or listening to the environment. Active hearing protectors are more advanced - they analyze various sounds and block only the sudden and very loud ones. Others sounds are amplified, so we can talk to others and hear what's going on around us. They are more functional and the Earmor M31 and M32 models are the best examples.

    Other Earmor products

    The brand's offer also includes in-ear headphones that also actively protect our hearing. They reduce harmful sounds, while applying others - but they are much lighter than regular, full-sized hearing protectors. They have 3 pairs of earbuds to fit the shape of your ears and are wireless. Earmor also has various types of accessories. There are full sets for the shooting range, consisting of protectors, a microphone and a helmet (Earmor M32 hearing protectors), as well as other individual accessories. Some of them allow for replacing elements in our hearing protectors - for example, we can equip them with new gel inserts. Others allow for adding new functions, such as bridges, to which we can mount additional accessories. There are hearing protectors also available for children.

    What makes Earmor headphones stand out?

    Earmor headphones are study and reliable and often have additional features. For example, they can be waterproof and be seamlessly connected to a smartphone. They are powered by rechargeable batteries that provide many hours of operation on a single charge. They are also equipped with gel overlays that provide additional comfort, which is critical when working with headphones for a long period of time.

    When should they be used?

    Hearing protection is definitely worth using whenever we are exposed to a lot of noise - both continuous and sudden. In the case of Earmor products, we have the option of adapting the protectors to the conditions of our current activity. In various types of shooting activities or hunting, it is best to buy active hearing protectors, thanks to which we can communicate with other participants. On a construction site or when working with loud machines, passive protectors may be enough. Everyone will find something for themselves in Earmor's offer.


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