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Classic Army

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    Classic Army is a symbol of quality and ingenuity. For many years, the company has been constructing licensed airsoft guns of the highest quality, which delight even the most demanding players. The highest quality of finishing and reproduction makes the airsoft guns ideal for both casual shooters and demanding re-enactment events or LARP-type games, where it is the details that decide on eligibility for play.

    The best Classic Army designs

    In its history, the Classic Army has released many phenomenal designs. Undoubtedly one of these is the SR-25, which to this day remains one of the most desirable models on the market. The airsoft gun is very tightly fitted, leaving no gaps or parts that can easily be damaged during use. The fit also helped when fastening the magazine, which thanks to the design of the gun clipped on perfectly every time. In combination with high power and accuracy, a near-perfect airsoft gun was created.

    The second interesting design is undoubtedly the replica of Steyr AUG A3, one of the most versatile weapons in the history of airsoft. The ball gun can be fully rigged, so you can attach a lasers or torches to it, and many other accessories. Thanks to the bullpup design, the designers managed to combine the replica's long-range with a compact size that performs well even in CQB conditions.

    The current heir to years of experience is the M110-13 Keymod Rail replica, which offers great accuracy and has a very aesthetic design. The company has also created a compact airsoft gun of the SPR SR40 sniper rifle, which is an interesting proposition for those who appreciate four-barrel guns.

    Classic Army airsoft guns and accessories have a reputation on the market, and other designs are often modified for them. You should certainly take a look at the whole range of products offered by the company.