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    Holsters from Cytac

    Cytac is a leading manufacturer of tactical equipment not only for airsoft but also for operational uniformed units and for shooting sports. The supplier's offer includes holsters for replicas, pouches, or tactical vests, which are used by sport shooters, collectors, and gun enthusiasts as well as military enthusiasts.

    Cytac Technology Limited

    Cytac has extensive experience in the military market, supplying quality products since 2008. Although headquartered in China, the equipment is used by police units and shooting sports enthusiasts all over the world, and the manufacturer is gaining new markets thanks to affordable prices and its extensive research regarding customer needs. Cytac combines its global knowledge of the military, gained by cooperating with the best American manufacturers in the market, with the desired quality of materials and own factories.

    You can find high-quality holsters that are made with attention to detail yet resistant to deformation, along with leg panelstactical belts or vests, and many more. The Cytac product portfolio includes several types of holsters, with different security systems to meet the needs of military and police units, but also sport shooters.

    Choosing tactical equipment

    In airsoft, tactical equipment has an equally important function as it does for uniformed units, and must meet certain parameters when it comes both to the comfort of use and durability. Cheaper substitutes often wear out quickly and thus contribute to further expenses. Quality is especially important, as the equipment is constantly exposed to adverse weather conditions.

    An important parameter is of course the comfort of use, especially since some games last from a few to even several dozen hours. That is why lightweight materials that are quite durable are so important. This parameter also affects the effectiveness of the player, as both the holster and the thigh panel or vest should be very intuitive to use. Proper installation of tactical equipment is crucial not only in airsoft, and Cytac is quite aware of that fact.