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    Vortex Optics - dependable optics

    Vortex Optics is a company manufacturing high-class, varied range of optical equipment. You can use it with various types of weapons, take it with you when hunting, to observe birds and game, or use it for recreational nature-watching or during sports / outdoor events. By choosing products of this brand, you not only get great quality and efficiency, which make even professionals choose the Vortex optical equipment. You also get the VIP guarantee, i.e. a lifetime certainty that any defect in the equipment you have purchased will be repaired by a professional service. This equipment is therefore a kind of investment, recommended for everyone who cares about reliability and high quality.

    The history of Vortex Optics

    Vortex Optics is a family business, dating back to 1989. It was founded by a married couple - Dan and Margie Hamilton, with their sons Dave, Sam and Jimmy joining the business when they were old enough. From the very beginning, the most important mission and strategy of the company was to focus on the highest possible level of customer service. The users of their products were to be satisfied at all times, which meant that the optics had to be extremely reliable. A very strong emphasis was also placed on customer relations, as well as providing appropriate after-sales service. The result was the introduction of a lifetime warranty. Currently, the company employs over 300 people, and its sales centers are located in various countries around the world.

    Vortex optics

    Vortex Optics products can be divided into several main categories, including optics for specific applications. Rifle scopes are meant to be mounted on firearms. They greatly increase the chance of hitting the target, even at long ranges. Professional scopes of this type are used primarily by professionals, i.e. people who use firearms on a daily basis: uniformed forces, hunters, sport shooters etc. the applications of such optics also involve airsoft. ASG is a sport where accurate shots are equally important. Just like professional shooting. Thus, Vortex scopes are also used in airsoft.

    The Vortex collimator also serves well as a weapon sight. This device has a similar application as a rifle scope, but its mode of operation is different; it’s designed for slightly different conditions. It’s used to aim over closer ranges, allowing quick aiming - also in conditions of limited visibility - e.g. fog, dark spaces. Collimators have are compact in size, just like the Vortex monoculars - the operation of which, however, is more similar to a telescope. Actually, it's just a spotting scope, but in a smaller size.

    Another very popular and appreciated group of Vortex Optics products are binoculars. Their applications are greatly varied, depending on the whole range of parameters. They are used by both professionals, i.e. professional researchers, the aforementioned hunters or uniformed forces, as well as amateurs: tourists, enthusiasts of sports events or concerts.

    The company also manufactures parts and accessories that enable the use of optics or increase their comfort of use. Mounts allow installation of scopes or collimators on weapons, and thanks to tripods you can conduct hours-long observations of nature and animals. The brand's offer is therefore not only very diverse, but also allows you to complete an entire set of gear, consisting of necessary equipment and accessories.

    The most famous Vortex Optics products

    One of the most popular lines of the brand is the Vortex Crossfire series. It includes rifle scopes, collimators and binoculars. Out of those, the Vortex Crossfire II 1-4x24 rifle scope - with variable magnification and a wide field of view - deserves a special mention. The latter parameter is especially important for moving targets and long-range shooting, as it allows you to locate an object and track it when it begins to move. The lenses are equipped with anti-reflective coatings, thanks to which it is possible to lock on to the target even in overcast conditions. The scope is made of aviation aluminum, additionally covered with an anodized coating. It is dew-resistant, water-resistant and extremely durable.

    If, on the other hand, we were to recommend a Vortex collimator, it would definitely be the Venom 3 MOA - Micro model. It is very light and compact, so it does not add any additional weight and will not reduce your mobility. It’s easily mounted on a standard RIS rail and allows comfortable adjustment of the brightness of the crosshair.

    Why choose Vortex Optics?

    Vortex Optics optical equipment is an offer for those of you who are looking for optics meant for special tasks. Anyone who uses weapons or binoculars at work simply must have reliable equipment, infallible in bad weather conditions, after submerging in water or upon hitting the ground. Rifle scopes and binoculars must provide sharp, good-quality images and an appropriate field of view - in every situation. The safety of users, the effectiveness of missions and the credibility of research often depends on those features. No wonder that Vortex products are primarily used by professionals.

    Vortex optics is also very popular among enthusiasts of various types of activities that require the use of optical equipment. If you want to fulfill yourself in recreational or sport shooting, or you conduct regular nature observations for your own pleasure, then Vortex equipment is definitely also worth the investment.

    The greatest value of Vortex Optics

    Remember that every Vortex Optics customer is treated as a VIP and gets a lifetime warranty for this brand's equipment. The company will not inquire whether any failure was your fault or whether it was caused by defects resulting from the production process. If the optics of your device stop functioning properly, they will be repaired at the expense of Vortex or, should repairs prove impossible - replaced with a new product. Not every company is so customer-oriented, and that in itself is of great value.

    Vortex would not provide such a guarantee if they were not convinced of the high quality and reliability of their products. They are perhaps more expensive than other brands of optical accessories - but not everyone requires professional equipment of this level. However, if you are considering choosing optics in a similar price range, that you would be able to use for many years - well, Vortex products are second to none.

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