Tactical Laptop Carrier – new bag from GFC Tactical

And now for something completely different! I generally don’t tolerate bags – don’t like them, don’t use them, don’t care about them. I believe that good backpack is way more useful and functional and there’s absolutely no point in using a bag instead. But! A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will, so when situation forced me to carry my laptop home from work (and vice versa) on multiple occasions, and my laptop was way too big to fit into my faithful Wisport Sparrow (but I tried, boy I tried!) I decided to give bag a try. What the hell. Of course there’s a lot of cool backpacks in the market that would be perfect for my computer, but as it just happened, I had access to new, Tactical Laptop Carrier from GFC Tactical. Hence the review – enjoy!

Simplicity – that’s the key feature of bag that had me right from the beginning. There are no „tacticool fireworks” like ton of additional pouches, straps, organizers and other shit – just few rows of MOLLE system in the front. Design is just as classic as any urban tactical bag should be. That’s great for me! Proper size and quite flat shape makes it comfortable in public communication. According to manufacturer the size of our bag is 390 x 270 mm so we can use it to carry 17” laptop. Inside we can find later of EVA foam (front, rear and on both sides) for better protection. On the bottom there’s a thicker bar made of foam & nylon. For a piece of gear on this price level, the quality we can see inside is really good.

Overall quality of manufacture is satisfying as well. Of course I managed to find few loose threads that I had to kill with fire, but generally out laptop carrier is a really decent piece of equipment. Besides the main compartment we have a large front pockets. Although it appears to be very flat we can easily fit there power supply, mouse, mouse pad etc. Third and the last pocket can be found in the back – we can put there A4 folder or some documents. About materials – judging by the price we can be sure our bag was never even remotely close to original Cordura 1000D or 500D – just a decent, standard nylon that can be found in most of GFC Tactical equipment.

All pockets are closed by standard zippers – in case of main compartment there’s a two-way zipper, remaining two pockets have standard one-way zippers. They are quite massive and leave us with positive impression, they also work very smoothly. Each of them has a small loop with finish made of plastic – tried to break them but I couldn’t. Good for them.

As I said before, in the front we can find few rows of MOLLE / PALS. We can add there first aid kit, magazine pouches or some other useful tactical equipment. If you’re goint to treat laptop bag as a part of your EDC and use it on everyday basis you can use MOLLE to carry your EDC organizer, multitool pouch etc. Or one more thing that we all love – pens! I don’t know any better way of carrying pen than MOLLE ;) It is also worth mentioning that MOLLE is covered with velcro, so every PatchWhore will surely be satisfied.
Construction detail – on the bottom of the main compartment we can find a drain hole. You know, just in case you have your bag full of water or something. You never know.

If we’re going to carry bag on our shoulder we’ve got quite wide and comfortable strap equipped with additional comfort pad filled with foam. Of course if we want we can get rid of it – it is mounted on D-rings. Once again I need to praise the manufacturer – plastic elements are very sturdy and don’t feel like they are going to break simply from getting looked at (as we all know I can sometimes happen in Chinese tactical gear). Strap attachment points are not located on the ends of bag but little bit more to the center – at first I thought it will negatively affect the overall comfort but luckily I was wrong.
Of course we can use regular short handle, but it is made of two simple straps of nylon, connected with a piece of velcro. Simple additional rubber cover would greatly enhance the comfort of using that part, but I guess you can’t have everything.


If you’re looking for simple laptop bag and you want something more interesting than regular bags from household goods store (with MOLLE and velcro panel) you can check new Tactical Laptop Carrier by GFC Tactical. It will do the job you’d expect it to and will not fall to pieces after 3rd (or maybe even 30th? 300th?) use. And it won’t cost you a lot of money! One of my favorite factors that I call „price/quality ratio” is really good there and makes our laptop bag look really good compared to competition from Flyye, Pantac or UTG.

Pros & Cons:

+ quality of manufacture, buckles, zippers (for Chinese ones of course)
+ price/quality ratio
+ nice EVA foam filling
+ quite qood capacity

- quite lame transport handle, could be better
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