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    Many fans of AK airsoft guns have surely had the urge to add some tactical elements to them more than once. Accessories from 5KU - the manufacturer specializing in the development of AK airsof guns - may prove of great help in this endeavor.

    5KU - Accessories for AK airsoft guns

    Accessories for AK airsoft guns can be divided into three categories: 

    Front grips - in addition to better appearance, they also have RIS, KeyMod, or Mlock rails. Each of these standards allows you to mount additional accessories such as vertical and oblique grips, lighting, or tactical lasers.

    Stocks - most AK airsoft guns have either fixed or side-folding stocks. Using an adjustable tactical stock allows for full adjustment of its length, which will be appreciated by players with slightly longer or shorter arms.

    Body-mounted accessories - the most popular are RIS rails, designed for mounting optics. They are mounted on the left part of the barrel, a so-called dovetail. This type of rail does not transfer vibrations of the lock cover. The disadvantage lies in their short length. The second type of rail is mounted in place of the comb or gas tube. This guarantees a very stable connection, however, the optics placed there are far from the eye. The third type is a breach cover with an integrated RIS rail, mounted in place of a traditional breech cover.

    It is worth mentioning that since the RIS system has been introduced, and later KeyMod, the producers offered their accessories also for the AK system. In combat conditions, it is not so much the appearance that counts as the effectiveness. Wood, originally massively used in gunsmithing, requires a lot of work in production and later impregnation and maintenance. Even so prepared, however, it is not resistant to weather conditions. Therefore, already in the 1970s and 1980s, they started to replace wooden stocks and facings with composite ones, gradually adding rails, allowing to mount additional accessories. The airsof guns parts produced by 5KU are inspired by accessories designed for their counterparts. They are used by AK fans as well as by PMC military corporations all over the world.

    Other accessories

    Some accessories offered by 5KU, such as grips, can also be successfully used on other replicas equipped with RIS rails. The manufacturer also offers conversions for such airsoft guns as SRS, KRISS Vector, G36 or standard AR15 and derivatives.