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Terms and regulations:


1. The aim of the special offer known under the name of "CYBER18" is discount for chosen products.

2. The organizer of the discount sale, hereinafter referred to as the sale is the GF Corp located at ul. Jana Długosza, 42-46, 51-162, Wrocław, further known as the Organizer.



1. The sale is directed exclusively at individual.

2. The sale is introduced in the online shop starting from 28.11.2018 13:00 CET till 2.12.2018 23:59 CET.

3. The organizer reserves the right to terminate the promotion early in the event of stock depletion.



None of the underneath mentioned individuals may participate in this program:

1. the Administrator's employees,

2. other individuals linked personally or impersonally to preparing and administrating the program,

3. relatives to individuals named in the above § 3, pt. 1. and 2.,

4. wholesale Customers,

5. Customers taking part in "United we are strong" special offer; these accounts are treated the same way individual accounts are.



1. Only products selected by the organizer and available on the website indicated by the Organizer, participate in the sale. With each discounted product will be indicated the percentage of the discount.

2. During the “CYBER18” sale, the loyalty program functions without any changes.

3. The sale consists of lowering the prices of the selected assortment of an online store available at up to 10%OFF.

4. The discount resulting from this sale is linked with only with the promotion of "Cyber Madness", the rebate does not link with other rebates resulting from other promotions, loyalty cards and the like. Airsoft Teams retain their rebate if it is higher than the sum of discounts in the "CYBER18" sale; if it is lower - the prices from the current promotion will be charged.