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Discount code GFBRANDS15 - terms & conditions

1. The aim of the special offer known under the name of „GFBRANDS15" is a discount for products from the brands LCT, GFC Tactical, Modify, and Double Bell at Gunfire store.

2. The administrator of the offer is the Infinity Fund located at ul. Jana Długosza, 42-46, 51-162, Wrocław, further known as Administrator.

1. The sale is directed exclusively at individual customers who are natural persons with full capacity to perform acts in law.
2. The sale is introduced in the online shop on 21.02.2024 from 11:00 AM CET till 22.02.2024 till 11:59 PM CET.
3. The sale is not linked to other promotions, discount codes and discounts (except for promotions, which rules clearly indicate the possibility of joining with other promotions).

Wholesale Customers may not participate in this offer.

A participant of the sale may be any individual with full legal capacity and legal persons and organizational units without legal personality if they have the capacity to acquire rights and obligations, who meets the requirements stated in §2.1 and does not belong to a group of customers listed in §3.


1. Only non-discounted products selected by the Administrator, and available on the website indicated by the Administrator, participate in the sale.
2. The sale consists of lowering the prices of the selected goods by up to 15with the discount code GFBRANDS15.


The administrator holds the right to stop the special offer before the end date due to exhaustion of stocks.