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Air pistols

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Air pistols - types, prices, and uses

Sport shooting is an increasingly popular leisure activity. When choosing the right gear for the sport, you should take a look at air guns. Which parameters should you consider in particular? Here are some tips.

For whom?

Under current Polish law, all air guns - long guns, replica revolvers, or pistols - are available without a permit and are not subject to registration, as long as their force does not exceed 17J (joules). Sport or recreational shooting is therefore open to everyone, under the condition that minors require parental consent to join a shooting club or take part in competitions.

Which air gun should you choose?

The most popular type of air guns is bottom-loading models, which are reloaded with a lever placed under the barrel. A similar design is the break-open air gun, where the barrel acts as a lever. It should be borne in mind that reloading this type of airgun requires a certain amount of force. Less expensive constructions, made of inferior materials, may "loosen up" after some time, which may reduce their accuracy. Alternatives are air guns powered by compressed air or 12g CO2 cartridges. Many of them, such as the P92 air pistol produced by CyberGun, are modeled on existing units. Interestingly, the aforementioned replica has a Blow-Back system that imitates the movement and recoil of the lock. Another interesting feature is the ability to fire by pulling back the SA (Single Action) lever in advance, thus shortening the length of the trigger, or DA (Double Action) when you want to fire as quickly as possible. These types of air guns will work well not only for static target shooting but also as a less expensive alternative in dynamic shooting training.

Air guns, unlike replicas, are designed to work with different types of ammunition. So, do not forget to pay attention to the caliber, the supported shape, and the weight of the bullets.

An air gun or a replica?

BB guns, or air guns, are a good choice for practicing your shooting skills, provided you follow the safety rules - you cannot aim or shoot at other people or animals. Safety measures used in airsoft games are not designed to protect against BB gun blasts. The power of airguns, the weight of the projectile, and the shape of the BB shell often cause far more danger than balls from replicas. When opting for a BB gun, remember to shoot at a well-protected target, in a designated area that is not accessible to unauthorized persons.

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