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Airsoft gas snipers

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    Gas-powered sniper rifle replicas - are they a good choice? 

    Sniper rifles are a very specific type of replica, requiring both special training and appropriate tactics during the game. Gas-powered rifles have been created precisely for people with such experience in airsoft. What does this solution translate into?

    Shooting speed

    A significant part of sniper rifle replicas are models with 4-barrel solution. This means that we have to make a characteristic move with every shot. In the case of spring replicas, it is quite difficult to carry out because of a strong spring. This, in turn, translates into lower shooting speed. Use of gas enables lighter reload, which improves the possibility of quick shooting. This solution is also helpful for skilled players, as lighter loading allows them to focus on tactics and enjoy the game more.

    The use of a gas supply system also allows the use of self-repeating rifles, e.g. SWD of Dragonov construction. A spring mechanism prevents such shots from being taken, while the gas system allows for automatic reloading. Apart from the above-mentioned SWD, there is also a chance to encounter such constructions as SR-25, G3-SG1 or Snow Wolf.

    Firing force

    Many gas systems make it possible to regulate the firing force by changing the amount of gas fed. This solution makes it possible to adapt the weapons to the rules of the game area. For the same reason, the trigger response may also be regulated, which at the same time translates into the aforementioned firing speed. For many people, force adjustment means the ability to personalize the replica and adjust it to the current conditions of the game, which is a definite advantage of this type of power supply.

    Blow Back System

    Realism is very important in airsoft. This is exactly why the Blow Back system was created. It is basically a shot simulation. And how does it work? Apart from powering the gunshot itself, some of the gas is redirected to the lock, this makes the rifle, apart from being reloaded, imitate a kickback, thus increasing the feeling of realism.

    Various types of power supply

    Depending on your preferences, sniper rifles can be powered by green gas or CO2 capsules or cylinders. The first solution involves reloading the rifle at a very high frequency, but the effect itself is more realistic. The CO2 bottle, on the other hand, often makes the replica look a little different from the original, but allows the player to empty more magazines in return.