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Electric powered sniper rifles

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Electric sniper rifles for airsoft

Electric rifles are some of the most popular replicas in airsoft. Their prized advantage is that they are freely configurable. So it is no surprise that more and more manufacturers are offering their AEGs in a sniper version as well.

Can an AEG act as a sniper replica?

Most AEGs can be tuned to speeds more than 500 FPS, so they are a great alternative to spring and gas-powered replica sniper rifles. Their greatest advantage, however, is that they can be fired without manual reloading, which is of colossal importance, especially during dynamic exchanges of fire. A self-repeating sniper replica can be built based on the most available electric units. Note, however, that the Gearbox designations V1-V9 indicate their shape, not the development version.

Replicas with v2 and v3 Gearbox

Gearboxes in V2 and V3 versions are the most common units in airsoft replicas. Most spare and tuning parts are available exactly for those models, which allows to easily adjust the power of the replica to the player's requirements and makes potential repairs easier. Sniper rifle replicas with Gearbox v2 are all derivatives of the AR15 sniper variants, such as the SPR and the G3, Mp5 and HK33 replicas. The third type of frame is found in the sniper variants of the G36, namely the SL8 and SL9, and the Steyr AUG replica, which may also be used as a sniper replica. Gearbox v3 is also used in replicas from the AK and Groza series.

Replicas with Gearbox v2 long

As the name suggests Gearbox v2 long is an extended version of the standard model, featuring several custom parts such as a long cylinder and piston and custom gears. The spring guide, electronics and the rest of the air system are the same as in the standard GB v2 replicas. The gearbox of this type is mounted only on SR25 replicas. What is the advantage of the GB v2 long? The larger cylinder compresses more air, allowing longer barrels to be used.

Replicas with custom Gearbox

Manufacturers wanting to release custom replicas were forced to develop Gearboxes dedicated to these special models. All SWD replicas, manufactured by Real Sword, Cyma, Classic Army and A&K are unique in their construction. PSG 1 made by Tokyo Marui is a very special weapon, as it is the only one with Gearbox V4. The special feature of this replica is that, unlike other AEGs, it shoots with a tight spring.

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