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Electric airsoft snipers

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    Sniper rifle replica

    Replicas of sniper rifles are essential equipment for players who play the role of sniper in the team. Their task is to take a strategic position and eliminate their opponents from a hidden location. The sniper does not need to move quickly or often and does not take part in dynamic shooting at short range game. Hence a replica of their rifle may be larger and heavier, but still guaranteeing effectiveness at long ranges.

    Can an AEG act as a sniper replica?

    Most AEGs can be tuned to speeds in excess of 500 FPS. They are therefore a great alternative to spring-loaded and gas-powered replica rifles. Their greatest advantage, however, is that they can be fired without manual reloading, which is of colossal importance, especially during dynamic exchanges of fire. A self-repeating sniper replica can be built based on most available electric units.

    Who would the electric replica sniper rifle be for?

    While spring-loaded sniper rifle replicas can be problematic to use for novice players, and gas versions require care and regular maintenance of the equipment, an electric sniper rifle seems to be the best choice for adept sharpshooters. AEGs are powered by a rechargeable battery that only needs regular charging with a dedicated charger. Moreover, when using this type of airsoft gun, you can choose the mode of fire - serial or single.

    Characteristics of electric sniper rifles - what should be borne in mind?

    Replicas of sniper rifles are characterised by certain parameters and larger dimensions. As the sniper eliminates opposing team players from a distance, the replicas are equipped with a longer barrel. When buying your first model, you should pay attention to several important aspects. The first of these is the type of gearbox built in. Most popular versions include v2 and v3. Talking about the internal system of the rifle, we should mention the MOSFET system, which is present only in electric replicas - the system bypasses the delicate contacts of the mechanism, thus reducing the risk of their damage. You should also look out for extras, including the Blow-Back system, which simulates the distinctive recoil on firing that most players appreciate. The electric version of the sniper rifle also provides for a lot of possibilities when it comes to later tuning and adjusting the parameters to your own preferences.