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Green Gas airsoft

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    Green Gas for airsoft guns

    Airsoft guns are powered by different means, and one of them is gas in the form of carbon dioxide or the so-called: Green Gas. Green Gas is a special type of substance, which may also have other properties than just powering an airsoft replica, depending on its composition. The mixture of gases used in a given product affects not only the performance of Green Gas, but also the parameters of the airsoft replica powered by it.

    Green Gas - composition and effects

    Green Gas is used to power airsoft guns. It usually consists of a mixture of propane and other substances, such as added fragrances, which are added to detect gas leaks and leakages. Airsoft guns use the expansion properties of Green Gas, thanks to which it is possible to launch a BB at high speeds, as well as give them an appropriate trajectory of the flight.

    When choosing the right type of Green Gas, it is worth checking the properties that were given by its manufacturer. This gas may behave differently under various conditions. Low temperature may have a negative impact on it, so special gas mixtures are used to circumvent this. Many Green Gas manufacturers ensure that their product works well in low temperatures (above 5 degrees). This is important information if you participate in airsoft skirmishes throughout the entire year.

    Additional Green Gas features

    Green Gas can also have an additional and very useful feature. If it contains silicone oil, it will help to properly maintain the guns internal components. It will properly seal, extend the replicas life and improve the functionality of the individual mechanisms. This way, you can prevent the airsoft gun from breaking down and ensure its smooth operation.

    How do gas powered airsoft guns run on Green Gas?

    Green Gas powered airsoft guns are specially adapted models that use the compression and expansion properties of the gas. They are powered directly from the canister. The gas container is usually placed in the gun’s dummy magazine, and the process of loading the Green Gas itself is similar to loading a lighter. So it is simple and fast proces. In this way, you can power a gas-powered airosft pistol and other types of gas-powered airosft guns.