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    If we were to indicate the leader on the market of gas airsoft guns, it would have to be the Taiwanese WE ASG brand. This company specializes in manufacture of gas-powered models. Their portfolio also includes electric airsoft guns, as well as many accessories and parts that you cannot do without on the battlefield. The most famous product of the brand is definitely Green Gas, known and appreciated by airsoft enthusiasts all over the world. What else do they have in their offer? Read on!

    WE airsoft guns

    WE manufactures mainly gas airsoft guns that faithfully imitate not only the appearance, but also the behavior of actual firearms. This is made possible by the Blow Back recoil system - found in practically every gas-powered WE airsoft gun. If you seek realism of experience, the offer of this brand should appeal to you. Of course, pistols reign supreme in their portfolio. Their selection is so rich that each of you will surely find a model for yourself. You can use them for recreational shooting, as a backup airsoft gun or in CQB scenarios. They are mainly powered by Green Gas, so their muzzle velocities fit within the specified limits. Some of them even allow you to shoot with continuous fire, such as the WE Galaxy model, thanks to which they are much more functional and useful on the battlefield than airsoft pistols that only offer single fire.

    Another important group of airsoft guns manufactured by the WE company are gas airsoft assault rifles. They also feature a powerful Blow Back system. They work well mainly on the open battlefield, at medium distances. WE brand airsoft guns not only feature solutions well-known and appreciated on the airsoft market, but also often offer new functionalities, as is the case with the WE KATANA series of rifles. They are equipped with a two-part KATANA gearbox. This line of airsoft guns is an example of EAG that are also produced by WE, but in smaller numbers. It’s worth mentioning that the WE range also includes gas submachine guns.

    Other WE airsoft products

    WE is also known for providing parts and accessories that can be used with various airsoft guns. Its biggest bestseller is, of course the Green Gas WE 2X High Performance Premium - a drive for gas models that provides maintenance and, at the same time, ensures trouble-free operation in various conditions. The company also specializes in the production of magazines. Whether you need a Green Gas or a CO2 magazine, a stock or a lock - WE has got you covered!

    The offer of the WE brand includes everything you need for a complete airsoft gun. If you are looking a gas airsoft pistol or assault rifle, you should definitely consider this manufacturer. Once you have made up your mind, you can't not buy the most famous WE product - Green Gas - right away. One you have it, you’re locked, loaded and ready for WAR!