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Golden Eagle

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The Golden Eagle airsoft gun portfolio offers a rich variety of different models, so that each of you can choose the equipment that meets your expectations. From gas airsoft shotguns and pistols, usually powered by green gas, through spring-loaded airsoft sniper rifles, to futuristic-looking electric assault rifles, straight from SCI-FI movies and games. The prices of most of them are very affordable, especially when compared to the offers of other companies in the airsoft industry.

Golden Eagle parts and accessories

Of course, Golden Eagle also produces parts for their airsoft guns, so that you can easily replace them when the need arises, as well as accessories such as the aforementioned Green Gas. You can equip your airsoft pistol with a Golden Eagle sound suppressor or fit it with a new magazine; replace the valves in your gas airsoft shotgun or even change it into a spring airsoft shotgun - thanks to the spring cylinder conversion kit. Parts for electric airsoft guns are also available, e.g. Golden Eagle gearboxes.

Are Golden Eagle airsoft guns a recommendable choice?

Golden Eagle airsoft guns are highly appreciated by the airsoft community. First of all, they are very diverse and adaptable to all types of scenarios. Pistols and shotguns are usually powered by green gas, so they usually have the muzzle velocity appropriate and admissible for CQB games. At the same time, they are also very functional, as they do not require reloading, as is the case with spring airsoft guns.

Sharpshooters will also be happy with the Golden Eagle offer. A spring airsoft rifle, imitating a sniper rifle, will guarantee long and precise shots. Those of you who prefer making a big entrance can choose the airsoft 6669 machine gun or the futuristic Thunder Maul airsoft assault rifle. Regardless of your choice, Golden Eagle always guarantees good quality equipment that will provide you with a lot of fun on the battlefield.