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LCT Airsoft

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LCT Airsoft is a Taiwanese manufacturer of airsoft guns, which specializes primarily in manufacturing electric-powered assault airsoft rifle and submachine airsoft guns. These are very solid and highly functional models that are highly praised in the airsoft community. Created from high-quality components, precisely manufactured, characterized by their high realism and fine details.

LCT Airsoft and it’s offer

LCT is a brand with a long history. Previously known as Li Cheng Molding Company, which was founded in 1982. The company initially dealt with metalworking, so it's no wonder that their LCT airsoft guns are so well made. In 2004, the company undertook an airsoft project for the first time, and in 2007, the LCT manufacturer was officially established. The company manufactures - for example - an entire series of electric AK assault airsoft rifle, which are one of the most popular models for playing airsoft.

The most important airsoft guns by LCT Airsoft

LCT airsoft guns look very realistic and closely resemble their real firearms counterparts. An example is the AS Val assault airsoft rifle, which is made of steel and the shape of many of its elements is as close as possible to the original firearm counterpart. Both in this model, as in many others, the manufacturer used a reinforced gearbox, which can be a good basis for possible future tuning and modifications. For those who love realism in their airsoft, we recommend the airsoft guns models with an electric Blow-Back system, which are also available in the LCT offer.