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Spring powered guns

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    Spring replicas for airsoft - description and characteristics

    Spring replicas work in all conditions, unlike their gas counterparts which cannot cope with low temperatures, which is a definite advantage. What else is there to know about such models? Here are some tips.

    Principle of operation

    In spring replicas, you do not need to recharge batteries or replenish tanks with dedicated gas. These are mechanical models and owe their effectiveness to the strength of your muscles. The ball is fired by manually tensioning the spring with the piston. This should be done each time after the shot has been fired, which is considered by the opponents of these models to be their biggest disadvantage, as it translates to low firing speed. This is why these models are dedicated to players who have good shooting skills and show great precision.

    Types of spring replicas

    Sniper rifles are of course the most popular spring replicas in the world of airsoft. The way they work and their general specifications make them faithful and refined copies of the originals in every detail. So if you want to take on the role of a sniper, the spring rifle replica is just right for you. Only very good shooters who do not care about high firing speed, will be able to take on this role. Another group are shotguns or pump-action weapons. They must be reloaded after each shot and often have more than one inner barrel, allowing for shooting several bullets at once. They are ideal for CQB games. The last group of spring replicas are spring air pistols. Their actual use in typical airsoft games is rare, but they are perfect for those of you who like target-shooting or collect replicas as a hobby. They are made with great attention to detail, but remain much less expensive than their electric or gas counterparts.

    Who are spring replicas for?

    Parameters and principles of using spring replicas indicate that they are best suited for people with more experience. Unfortunately, their performance loses out to electric or gas models, so they will not be a good choice for those who take their first steps in airsoft.