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Tracer BBs

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    Tracer BBs are new to the airsoft market. These are special ammunition that comes in different colors. What are they used for? Are they just decorations for night parties, or can they help players improve their accuracy or skill level?

    What are Tracer BBs?

    Tracer BBs are a real treat for fans of role-playing games and gamers who like to turn up the excitement. Commonly referred to as "Tracer Ammunition", the BBs have fluorescent properties that make them resemble tracer pellets used in firearms. The effect can be intensified by special silencers, which, combined with the BBs, imitate the barrel flare that occurs when firing firearm.

    Who is Tracer BBs for?

    Tracer BBs are the answer to a problem of many players from the very beginning of airsoft. They were striving for realism in the form of the best possible imitation of the real battlefield. That is why more and more faithful replicas were created, the camouflage system was created along with the Blow-Back system, which imitates the reaction of the gun lock to the shot. However, these were still differences that were felt only by the user, which did not translate into the overall realism of the game. Luminous pellets imitating streaking ammunition and silencers illuminating them bring a new quality when it comes to airsoft experience. They made it all the more possible to get even closer to the real battlefield and create games that we never even dreamed possible.

    The luminescent properties combined with the illumination suppressor make for a huge attraction in CQB-type games, as the effect is much more electrifying up close.

    How are the BBs made?

    All ammunition is carefully polished until they are shiny. Next, within the replica, they are coated with a special substance designed to reduce rolling resistance. The last step is to carefully check the weight of the BBs and whether it is perfectly round. In another case, it could get stuck in the barrel, which would result in jamming or even damage to the magazine or, worse, the replica. The key to maintaining the proper weight of the BBs is to get it to a situation where there are no air chambers in it that are most responsible for the differences.

    So if you are a player who is all about realism and quality, Tracer ammunition can be the perfect addition to your and your friends' gameplay. All Tracer BBs are available in the Gunfire store at very bargain prices. Check them out today!