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Biodegradable BBs

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Airsoft bio bbs

Biodegradable bbs for airsoft replicas are must-have for airsoft lovers who want to be eco-friendly and take care of the environment during the matches. Thanks to special materials, the bbs decompose much faster than standard ones. In our offer you will find a wide range of types, weights and manufacturers of airsoft ammunition.

Biodegradable airsoft bbs

Biodegradable airsoft replica bbs are an interesting solution for those who see the problem of the littering on airsoft gaming sites, e.g. forests, by balls that were shot. Thanks to new technology, the quality of bio bbs has been significantly improved and is now similar to the standard ones. In addition, the high level of control during the production process makes the biodegradable airsoft balls offer a high quality of delivery for all types of magazines and stable turning over by the hop-up system. Bio bbs are available in various weights ranging from 0.20g to 0.46g. Like standard airsoft balls, they are available in a variety of packages including convenient bottles.