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    Combat ID is a Polish manufacturer which offers reflective patches made of PVC with Velcro, which makes their assembly trivial. The assortment includes several hundred designs, including flags and national symbols using various colours and camouflage (e.g. patches with the Polish flag are offered in national colours, shades of green, as well as a version in which the white part of the flag is covered with a camouflage pattern). Other patches depict a function in the unit, such as medic or commander, or indicate blood type. The design of some is inspired by such pop-culture works as Star Wars, Rick and Morty, or the Punisher. A separate category is patches intended for units such as the Fire Brigade or Paramedics.

    Patches are not only great on the airsoft game field but can also decorate clothing and accessories, such as bags or rucksacks, used in everyday life.

    Morale patches or military patches

    The history of morale patches - patches designed to identify an individual soldier or a unit - dates back to World War I, although attempts to 'stand out from the highly unified army were visible from the very beginning of the history of armed conflicts. Images of American soldiers fighting in Vietnam, who decorated their helmets with various inscriptions and symbols, such as the pacifist (symbol of peace), became iconic. Contemporary patches may depict an operator's affiliation, express his or her views, or refer to pop culture humorously.

    Morale patches are abbreviated to IFF (to Identify Friendly Forces) and are intended to identify allies. In the past, this function was performed by "cat's eyes", an elastic strip with two reflectors worn on the back of the helmet. Currently, in the era of widespread night vision, IR patches are used, which react to infrared radiation and even glow against a green background. The undoubted advantage of the patches is the speed of getting rid of them in a situation when the enemy has night vision, and we do not want to be detected. Morale patches are usually attached to the sleeves of a uniform blouse, but they can also decorate a rucksack or pouches.