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Combat shirt

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    The combat shirt - a special operations sweatshirt 

    Combat shirt is the English name for a tactical sweatshirt that is very versatile for a variety of outdoor activities. It’s most often used by military or other uniformed forces, but tactical shirts are also very popular among airsoft players, hunters and enthusiasts of outdoor sports.

    Tactical sweatshirts - types 

    Combat shirts originate from the military, so they are usually available in typical military patterns and colors. Camouflage is very often used in case of combat shirts: Multicam, Woodland or wz. 93. This type of shirt can be put on by pulling it over one’s head or closing it with zippers / buttons - allowing us to choose the most suitable solution. The hood protects against rain and wind, but we can also choose sweatshirts with stand-up collars that will protect our neck. The combat shirt is more and more often chosen by civilian users who also appreciate its comfort and functionality on a daily basis. As a result, tactical sweatshirts are more and more often designed to look like sweatshirts or sports T-shirts. They are then available in various shades of gray, navy blue, black or even maroon.  

    What are combat shirts characterized by?

    A combat shirt is not an ordinary sweatshirt that we usually get in a sportswear store. It is designed for special tasks and must work even in difficult conditions, which means that combat shirts are made of special materials and often equipped with additional accessories that are to provide us with the greatest possible level of functionality. 

    Modern materials 

    A tactical shirt must be durable and tear-resistant - that’s why manufacturers use materials such as PolyCotton Rip-Stop in their production. They are characterized by greater mechanical strength and at the same time are light and comfortable. They ensure adequate air circulation and guarantee protection from various weather conditions.

    Functionality and comfort 

    Depending on the material used, the combat shirt can be partially waterproof or thermoactive. Often, different textiles are combined, with the body of the sweatshirt made of a different material than the sleeves - for even better functionality. The garment’s versatility is also increased by pockets in which we can store various small accessories or place protective inserts, as well as by application of Velcro or straps. We can attach patches to the Velcro, or use it to adjust the sleeves. The tactical sweatshirt cannot restrict our movements, so its cut is very important. It must be fitted, but not too tight. Therefore, it is often cut so that it can be adjusted to most body shapes and is equipped with - for example - zippers, that make it easier to roll up the sleeves. 

    The combat shirt - when and where to wear it? 

    Due to its functionalities and features, the combat shirt works very well in various physical and outdoor activities. The market offers many models to choose from, so we can always match the sweatshirt to a given situation and preferences. Camouflage sweatshirts are often used in airsoft and hunting. If we’re not planning to sneak up on anyone, we do not need camouflage; but even when trekking, on camping trips or when just going out for a jog, we will certainly appreciate the functionality and comfort offered by combat shirts.