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Airsoft electric rifle

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Electric BB rifle

Electric airsoft rifles are probably the most-liked and most-chosen type of airsoft guns. They work well on various battlefields and are extremely functional. The offer available on the market includes airsoft versions of very popular - or even iconic - firearms. For this reason, they are eagerly chosen not only by demanding players, but also by afficionados of historical weapons or enthusiasts of guns often featured in games or movies.

What does the construction of electric airsoft guns look like?

The construction of an electric airsoft gun is more complex than that of, for example, a spring BB gun. It is equipped with a gearbox, with a built-in electric motor. You also need a power supply - in this case, a rechargeable battery. A charger is used for this purpose.

These elements play a huge role in the correct operation of the airsoft gun; therefore, their quality is of utmost importance. A high-quality charger will allow you to charge the battery faster, guaranteeing longer power supply to our airsoft gun. The magazine capacity is also very important during battle. In case of airsoft rifles, you have the choice of spacious hi-cap and mid-cap magazines.

How does the airsoft electric carbine work?

Electric BB guns are powered by an electric motor. When we press the triggergears are set in motion, which pull back the piston. This is released as soon as the cylinder fills with air. Compressed air then pushes the BB out, which first travels through the Hop-Up system and then through the barrel.

Electric airsoft rifles are characterized primarily by their rate of fire, as well as various shooting modes - single fire, continuous fire or bursts.

Electric airsoft rifles - types

You can choose from a wide variety of electric BB rifles, which may also vary in designated applications. The basic models are full-size rifles. They work well in mid-range engagements that take place in the field. Assault rifles are smaller and lighter. They’ll also serve well in scenarios played out in a forest or in a clearing, but some of them will prove themselves as well in CQB games - depending on the parameters of a given model. Airsoft machine guns are their polar opposite. These are one of the most powerful and heaviest BB guns available on the airsoft market. There are some airsoft sniper rifles powered by an electric motor available on the market, but this is not a very common solution. Airsoft sniper rifles are predominantly spring-powered.

Airsoft assault rifles - the most popular models

Electric airsoft assault rifles are the most popular among the above-mentioned types of BB rifles. Generally speaking, this is the type of weapon most often chosen by the airsoft community. They are the most universal and are perfect for intense competitions where you have to run a lot and hit your opponents hard, right where it hurts.

Why choose electric airsoft rifles?

Airsoft is a very diverse discipline, with a best-suited role for everyone interested. An airsoft sniper rifle allows you to pick enemies out one by one - or you can just mow them all down ruthlessly, with a BB machine gun. Airsoft rifles work very well on the battlefield, providing performance that is necessary during field games. They also very often provide a good basis for further tuning.

What rifles are most often imitated by their airsoft counterparts?

Airsoft rifles encompass representations of numerous firearms, but the iconic Kalashnikovs or the American M4s are definitely the most popular. Next, we can list various models based on the Heckler and Koch rifles, as well as the M16. There are also airsoft versions of rifles that have never been used in a real fight, only in videogame or film realities. These are usually original-looking models that can also be used as a cosplay prop or have typical collection-aimed applications. If you want to stand out with your equipment during the game, they will probably also suit your tastes.