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    Redox Batteries

    Redox is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality batteries, which are designed for various industries. Users of electric airsoft guns can also use them, as Redox batteries enable them to operate for a long time without any problems. If you are looking for a lightweight and efficient power supply for your airsoft gun, a Redox battery will definitely meet your expectations.

    Redox batteries are characterized by very good longevity and small size. They are carefully made, and each battery is given its own serial number, which allows its history to be traced. This greatly facilitates any complaints resulting from manufacturing defects. If such a defect occurs, the manufacturer guarantees the replacement of the battery with a new one. Of course, this also means that we must take care of our battery and use it according to the instructions. The rules of use for a given model depend on its type, i.e., the packages of cells used. Redox produces various batteries, but for airsoft guns, they are mainly LIPO packages. Their capacity can range from 850 mAh to even over 5000 mAh.

    Redox Battery for Airsoft Guns

    LIPO batteries, or lithium polymer batteries, are some of the most commonly used batteries in airsoft. They provide good capacity and at the same time have small dimensions. Therefore, they can easily be adapted to different models of airsoft guns, which will run on them longer than on other types of batteries. In Redox LIPO batteries, each cell is individually checked and manually connected with others in the package, which significantly minimizes the possibility of errors and subsequent failures. Their current performance is very high and they do not show a memory effect. They can be charged often and work well in low temperatures. LIPO batteries are therefore a good choice, but it is also important to remember their correct usage. They should not be discharged below 3 V per cell, nor overcharged above 4.2 V per cell. They self-discharge very slowly, but it is still worth remembering to always keep them charged to about 70% - even when they are not in use. If we follow these guidelines, the LIPO batteries will serve us for a long time and ensure trouble-free operation of our airsoft gun.