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Li-Po batteries

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LiPo batteries for airsoft replicas – description of product subcategories

A LiPo battery is nothing more than a lithium polymer battery (which is a type of lithium-ion battery) used to power the electric replicas – AEG. Its construction uses lithium metallic alloys and conductive polymers. The characteristic feature of LiPo batteries is their compact size. This is a result of using very thin and flexible cells. Thanks to their small and very diverse sizes, LiPo batteries easily adapt to different types of replicas. An additional advantage of LiPo batteries is their high temperature resistance and high efficiency, which turns out to be an extremely important parameter in airsoft games.

How to choose a battery for your airsoft gun

Often after buying an airsoft replica, the question arises as to which LiPo battery will be the best for it. The first parameter we should pay attention to is voltage. 7.4V batteries are mostly used for stock replicas with weaker springs. These batteries are much safer for original motors and gears. However after proper preparation of the replica (tuning) it is worth trying a battery with a higher voltage – 11.1V. This option wears out gearbox components faster, but significantly improves some parameters and performance of your replica – trigger response and rate of fire.

Another issue is the capacity of LiPo batteries. The higher it is, the longer the battery will hold a charge and provide your replica with the necessary power. When shooting for a few hours it is better to invest in higher capacity, however, do remember that capacity goes hand in hand with battery size. This is another feature to remember when buying a LiPo battery.

The type of battery plug is also important. Even experienced players often forget about this and are forced to buy additional adapters or have to modify their battery plugs. The last parameter we have to pay attention to is current efficiency, which is the letter "C." This means the maximum amperage that can be drawn from the battery. In practice, this factor will increase the speed of engine operation (fast shooting and trigger response), but will reduce battery charge much more quickly.

Charging and using LiPo batteries

Despite the many advantages of LiPo batteries, they also have a few disadvantages. One of them is very low resistance to discharging and overloading. It is worth knowing how to charge LiPo batteries properly. You should never allow the voltage to drop below 3V or rise above 4.2V per cell. Exceeding these values will result in significant deterioration of the battery's properties and a reduction of its life span. An additional complication is low resistance to high.


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