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Snow Wolf

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    Snow Wolf Airsoft

    Snow Wolf is a manufacturer of airsoft rifles, sniper rifles and airsoft accessories. In this manufacturer's offer, you will find good quality airsoft guns at very attractive prices. The most popular products of the Snow Wolf brand are the SW-020 rifles available in various color variants and constructions, as well as sniper rifles from the SW-0 series.

    Snow Wolf Airsoft guns

    In the Snow Wolf range, you will find a wide selection of different rifles and sniper rifles for airsoft. A large part of the available designs are airsoft guns of firearms in the bull-pup layout (sometimes called stockless), which has a long tradition and equally many supporters as skeptics. One of the advantages of this type of construction is hard to deny - the ability to use a really long and effective barrel, while maintaining relatively compact dimensions of the rifle itself. One cannot forget about the aesthetic values ​​- bull-pups are distinctive and impossible to confuse with anything else. Similar to the case of the original firearms, the receiver of the airsoft gun was made of strong, polymer synthetic material. Metal was used to manufacture the entire front part of the airsoft gun along with the outer barrel and the top RIS rail, as well as minor elements such as the ejection port flap or flash hider.

    The second main type of Snow Wolf airsoft guns are sniper rifle airsoft guns. In this category, we will find spring-powered as well as electrically powered airsoft guns. Models made from a combination of metal and synthetic material dominate here. Depending on the model, the airsoft guns are equipped with a bipod, an adjustable stock foot, and RIS rails for attaching optics.

    In the Snow Wolf offer, you will also find several very interesting airsoft guns that are airsoft equivalents of famous originals. These include, among others, the Snow Wolf M24 sniper rifle, a Grease Gun A1 submachine gun, or a fictional M41A Pulse Rifle, which is standard equipment of the Colonial Marines from the 1986 film "Aliens".

    Grease Gun A1 Submachine Gun Airsoft Gun

    The Grease Gun A1 airsoft gun, a replica of the legendary American submachine gun colloquially called the "greaser" (in the original "grease gun"), by Snow Wolf, is another treat for enthusiasts of militaria from the time of World War II. The body of the airsoft gun was made of steel, and the barrel and other minor parts of zinc and aluminum alloy. The Grease Gun A1 has weld imitations and various "shortcomings" related to the production process of the original - of course, in the case of the airsoft gun, they are completely intended and positively affect the reproduction of the original firearm.

    Like the original, the airsoft gun only allows for automatic firing, but with a bit of practice and a well-chosen battery, you can also fire single shots. It is powered by a steel hi-cap type magazine, which holds 520 BBs. Like in the original, the airsoft gun is safeguarded by closing the ejection port cover.

    The airsoft gun is equipped with a special gearbox and comes with a battery and charger housed inside the pistol grip. This airsoft gun is certainly a real treat for all fans of historical firearms and historical reenactment groups.

    M41A Pulse Rifle Airsoft Gun

    The M41A Pulse Rifle airsoft gun, a replica of the fictional M41A Pulse Rifle, which is standard equipment for Colonial Marines and one of the iconic firearms of the science-fiction genre. The original rifle appeared in the 1986 film "Aliens", being the second part of the saga about Ellen Ripley's struggles with the Aliens inhabiting the vast depths of space.

    The M41A Pulse Rifle was built based on the tried and tested SW-05 model from Snow Wolf, which allowed easy access to it for any fan of the Alien series (or - SciFi fans in general). Until now, constructing an M41A required significant financial outlays - buying an M1A1 airsoft gun and installing an expensive conversion on it. Now, with the introduction of a ready-made product on the market, it is possible to achieve an even better effect at a much lower cost. The airsoft gun was made of a solid zinc and aluminum alloy and durable synthetic material. Thanks to the retractable buttstock and curved shapes, operating the airsoft gun is relatively comfortable (considering, of course, its monstrous dimensions)."