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Hi-Cap Magazines

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There are three types of magazines for airsoft replicas: Low-Cap, Mid-Cap and Hi-Cap. The latter are very popular and are an ideal choice for both novice and advanced players.

Hi-Cap magazines - characteristics

Various types of magazines differ in construction, the principle of operation and, most importantly, the number of rounds they can hold. Hi-Cap magazines are very popular because they can hold up to several hundred rounds. Many manufacturers attach them to the offered replicas. Thanks to the large capacity, there is no need to constantly refill them with bullets, which is especially important during a dynamic game, where any break may end up in elimination from the game.

The handling of Hi-Cap-type magazines is also a considerable advantage. Just open the container and simply pour the balls into it, and then screw it on using the knob or key provided in the kit (you can find units that are equipped with lines), so there is no need for quick-loaders.

Hi-Cap magazines, however, have their drawback. Their design makes them resemble a rattle, which makes a distinctive sound when the player is in motion. This can give away their position.

Hi-Cap and savings

With Hi-Cap magazines, you may of course count on considerable savings, as you do not need additional (smaller) magazines, and pouches to hold them. It is worth remembering, however, that in competitions, where the organizers focus primarily on realism, Hi-Caps are often forbidden. When going to a game it is always worth checking the rules, so that you can prepare the appropriate equipment.

Hi-Cap for an experienced player?

In airsoft, you will often come across a statement that Hi-Cap magazines are designed for beginners. This is a myth - they are an equally good choice for advanced shooting enthusiasts who value ergonomics and comfort. It is no secret that the Hi-Cap gives a big advantage, especially in combination with a fast-shooting replica. The choice of the magazine is always a matter of individual preference - do not forget that in airsoft it is the emotions and satisfaction from the completed game that count above everything else.


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