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Vector Optics

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    Vector Optics - airsoft scopes and collimators 

    Vector Optics offers some of the most famous and valued sights on the market. Their products are used by professional shooters and shooting sports enthusiasts, who want the best and most effective optical accessories. 

    Vector Optics - airsoft optics 

    Vector Optics products are famous for their premium quality. Only high-class materials are used in their manufacture, which guarantees that the user gets durability and clear images. We can choose scopes and collimators with various parameters and additional functions, so we can fit the appropriate model to the planned application. Our Vector Optics hunting scope can therefore be equipped with a rangefinder, and the airsoft scope with a very useful function of night vision. 

    Vector Optics UK - the most popular optics 

    Vector Optics are often used by hunters, airsofters and professional shooters who need optics to shoot at longer distances. They require equipment with magnification, such as the Vector Optics Forester tactical scope. The scopes can have a fixed or variable magnification, and their great advantage is that they are able to magnify the image several times, allowing us to be effective at different distances. 

    Vector Optics Red Dot - perfect for night-time uses 

    Red Dot Vector Optics collimators are a popular choice for shorter distances, allowing to quickly line up a shot, with aiming possible in virtually all lighting conditions. Their name comes from the red highlighted reticle, one example of which is the Vector Optics Frenzy red dot sight. This type of point is clearly visible at night, but we can also use certain Vector Optics collimators during the day - certain models are equipped with green backlight of the aiming point. 

    Other Vector Optics products 

    Vector Optics also offers other types of optical equipment, such as binoculars, and shooting-related accessories. And so, together with a scope, we can also at the same time purchase a scope mount and a mounting rail - to be sure that all elements will be compatible with each other.