Airsoft holographic sight

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Some of the most popular optical sights are collimators - electronic instruments that replace traditional mechanical viewfinders. They owe their popularity primarily to their high functionality, which translates into the effectiveness of the replica.

What is a collimator?

A collimator is an optical viewfinder which works on the principle of collimation - obtaining light with low divergence. The instrument generates an indicator on the lens, which marks the target. This way, during an airsoft game, players are able to aim the replica very quickly and precisely and fire an accurate shot. The indicators are usually in red or green and, importantly, the power of the generated light can be set very easily. This makes it possible to quickly adapt the viewfinder to ambient conditions. Players appreciate collimators for the fact that there is no parallax error, which is a definite disadvantage when using classic optical sights.

Collimators in airsoft

Collimators in airsoft are becoming more and more popular, especially since the games are mainly conducted at short and medium distances, where reaction time and quick accurate shots are important. There is no need to use additional scopes - the collimator is perfect for both assault rifle and machine gun replicas. It is worth mentioning that some optics models are also available for short gun replicas.

Choosing a collimator

When choosing this type of viewfinder, it is worth remembering that there are two types of collimators to choose from.

  • Open collimators - which are smaller and lighter.
  • Closed collimators - characterised by greater weight and size.

Choosing the right rifle scope for your rifle is an individual matter - for many players visual aspects are very important. For example, for long and heavy rifle replicas they are more likely to use closed collimators, which they believe look far better on these models than on short gun replicas. 

It is also worth remembering how to mount the viewfinder - most collimators and replicas are in RIS standard, but sometimes there are replicas without such a rail. In such situations, purchasing an additional mounting rail proves necessary. You should also remember to acquire a cover for the lens, as, contrary to what you may think, it is not that difficult to accidentally hit this element with a ball. If more money is spent on the initial purchase, it may save you from expensive repairs in the future.

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