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Airsoft red dot sight

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The red dot sight is a sighting tool that can be mounted both on a firearm and an airsoft gun. Its function is to aid in hitting a target which is a few - several dozens of meters from you. It is used at shorter distances than, for example, scopes, but it is still a very functional device.

How does the red dot sight work?

The red dot sight utilizes the phenomenon of collimation. Its use is intuitive, so you can quickly line up the shot, because it does not require aligning the gun’s sights together. Instead, the red dot sight displays a reticle, which allows you to locate the target very quickly - even a moving one. The red dot sight also works very well in poor lighting conditions, e.g. in dark forests or even indoors.

Red dot sight - types

We can distinguish open and closed red dot sights. The former type is characterized by a wide field of view. However, it does not enlarge the image. If you care about this parameter, it is worth choosing a model with a magnifier or opt for a closed system sight. A closed red dot sight can magnify a given object, but it is also larger and has a narrower field of view.

The holographic sight is the most modern version of the red dot sight, featuring a built-in electronic system. It uses a holograph, almost completely eliminating the parallax phenomenon.

Which red dot sight to choose?

Red dot sights can be equipped with many useful functions. Those definitely include the automatic brightness adjustment of the target mark or the battery saving mode. You also have to match the red dot sight model to the mounting rail in your airsoft gun. Also pay attention to the quality of the materials and the manufacture of the device itself. The better they are, the better results and durability you can expect.

Why is it worth using red dot sights?

Because they work very well in competitions over short and medium distances, as well as in poor lighting. If you take part in standard skirmishes that take place indoors or in forested areas, the red dot sight is definitely a very good choice.