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AEG Airsoft

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    Advantages of electric-powered guns

    Automatic electric airsoft guns are undoubtedly the most popular product chosen by players. They are an excellent choice for beginners as well as for advanced airsoft enthusiasts. Their construction is quite simple, which makes these models unlikely to fail and resistant to various temperatures. The heart of a replica is a gearbox, which is the element responsible for its operation. There is a mechanism that pulls the piston working in the cylinder. Compressed air causes the nozzle to move, which in turn releases the pellet. The whole thing is driven by an electric motor, powered by a battery. This is definitely an advantage of such replicas because a charged battery is sufficient for their proper operation. The popularity of electric replicas has resulted in more and more spare parts available on the market - from the entire gearbox shell to the smallest elements. These replicas are ideal for tuning, and players are willing to take advantage of it and modify their models to improve their parameters.

    Types of airsoft replicas

    There is an interesting division of the rifles in the airsoft, due to their purpose. When choosing one, it is worth paying attention to what kind of games we buy a given replica for. We divide automatic electric guns into the following: -       machine guns – they are characterized by great firepower, high rate of fire and considerable magazine capacity. However, they are heavy and not very mobile; -       assault rifles – the most popular replicas in airsoft. They are very universal, suitable for both CQB and open-air games; -       submachine guns – a great choice for people playing in small rooms (CQB). Their low weight makes them very comfortable and easy to maneuver; -       sniper rifles – the so-called DMR are characterised by their excellent range. However, they are difficult to operate and often have a locked automatic mode; -       pistols – the so-called "sidearms", which are light and very comfortable to use.


    Electric replicas, the so-called AEG, are a great choice for any player, regardless of their level of experience. The offer of the best manufacturers includes models that are an exact replica of the original and therefore they are well suited for real tactical training of special units all over the world.