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Gas powered submachine guns

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    Submachine guns powered by Green Gas or CO2

    Gas submachine guns are a good option for anyone who is bored with standard AEGs but doesn't necessarily want to get rid of them in favor of long GBB replicas. What should you bear in mind when deciding to buy this type of replica?

    Pluses of gas-powered systems

    The biggest incentive to buy a gas-powered gun is the realism of use because gas replicas behave quite similarly to the originals. The joy of shooting with gas guns is much greater, as these models have a Blow-Back system that imitates the characteristic movement and recoil of the lock. In addition to the aesthetic experience, the recoil is also felt and the firing itself is often accompanied by a cloud of gas.

    Airsoft machine guns can of course be used in forestry games, but, due to their small size, they are particularly popular in CQB games. Gas pistols have the added advantage of better trigger response than most AEG-type replicas. This is because the full firing cycle in electric replicas involves the tensioning and expansion of the spring. In the case of gas replicas, the trigger mechanism is only responsible for the short opening of the valve followed by a shot.

    Minuses of gas replicas

    The biggest disadvantage of gas replicas is the price of their power source. Unlike electric replicas, Green Gas or CO2 capsules must also be added to the operating costs. Gas replicas are therefore not cheap. Spare parts for them are also more expensive, including magazines that hold no more than 50 bullets. Replicas of this type are also said to be seasonal, as they do not work in sub-zero temperatures. Before buying a gas machine gun for airsoft, it is therefore important to remember that replicas of this type are also more sensitive to dirt.

    Who is a gas replica for?

    Gas replicas are usually selected by players who already had a few electric replicas, but want more than just accurate shooting. More often than not, it is the realism or the enjoyable "pounding" of the Blow-Back system. The undeniable advantage of airsoft machine pistols is that thanks to their small size and low weight, they can successfully serve as a side replica for snipers or support players. Such constructions as the PP-2K submachine gun replica from Modify or cheaper replicas from the Well brand such as the G55 or G11 should prove ideal in this role. These may easily be carried on a single-point suspension or even in a large holster. Gas replica submachine guns are also a good way to find out if the world of GBB replicas is what you want from your airsoft game.