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Airsoft electric submachine guns

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    Electric submachine airsoft guns

    Electric submachine airsoft guns, like their original counterparts, combine elements of small arms and rifles. Thanks to their compact dimensions, they are handy and comfortable to use; equipped with several fire modes, they provide the user with lots of firepower.

    Electric machine airsoft guns are a good solution for beginners. Due to their attractive price and good shooting parameters, the submachine gun is worth consideration when choosing our first weapon. However, one should also keep in mind that most ASG SMGs are intended primarily for CQB-type scenarios - reasonable muzzle velocity combined with high maneuverability, good focus and repeatability of shots, as well as a significant rate of fire means that this family of electric submachine airsoft guns is perfect for short- or medium - distance operations (depending on model). For the convenience of use, some models are equipped with folding stocks and RIS rails, facilitating installation of additional accessories - such as collimator sightstactical lighting or laser sights. Some manufacturers install working bolt catch buttons in their electric submachine airsoft guns, allowing the metal dummy bolt slide to be locked in rear position. This allows the user easy access to adjustment of the hop up system. In addition, most airsoft submachine guns have the option of selecting fire mode - between continuous and single, and some are equipped with an additional, third mode - 3-shot bursts. Our electric submachine airsoft guns section features airsoft guns based on popular submachine guns used by uniformed forces or special units.