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Green gas airsoft pistol

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Why are green gas pistols so popular?

Green gas airsoft pistols are currently most popular among our replicas. They are characterized by extraordinary performance and functionality, making them ideal for those looking for a side unit or basic unit. Green gas airsoft pistols are best suited for CQB games, i.e. very dynamic shooters, conducted in small rooms or in heavily built-up areas where the shooting distance is very small. Gunfire offers various models of green-gas-powered airsoft guns, which are faithful representations of the originals. What is more, for those who appreciate not only the realism of workmanship but also of use, there is a category of green gas airsoft pistols with a Blow-Back system. These models are equipped with a system simulating the movement of the lock, which increases the realism of using the airsoft gun. The operation of green gas airsoft pistols is also very similar to the operation of original pistols. The reloading system, safety, and the fact that the lock remains in the rear position after the magazine has been fired make these models ideal for shooting training. Green gas is one of the most popular gas drives, chosen by airsoft players. In the replica magazines there is a reservoir, which is filled with gas, which allows the player to shoot a certain number of BBs. Once it is exhausted, you need to refill. The number of magazines that can be fired under a single refill depends on the airsoft gun model. Therefore, before you make a purchase, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the parameters of a given unit, so that it meets all your expectations later on.

Green gas airsoft pistols - additional information

The choice of a gas replica is often the result of personal preferences of the player. It is always worth paying attention to the quality and material used. It is also good to check whether the airosft gun has built-in RIS rails that allow the installation of additional accessories such as a torch or a laser sight. Additional elements of tactical equipment significantly improve the parameters of a given unit, increasing its accuracy, but also comfort of use. The Gunfire shop offers products of the best manufacturers of gas guns, such as: Armorer WorksKWA or the legendary Tokyo Marui. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer, where all airsoft lovers will certainly find something for themselves!

Gas powered airsoft guns - the pros and (a few) cons

Green Gas powered airsoft pistols operate differently than spring powered or electric airsoft pistols. This is due to the properties of the gas itself and it is worth keeping this in mind when choosing a gas powered airsoft pistol. First of all, they can be equipped with a gas blow-back system, which is usually stronger and more realistic than its electric version. For many players, it is a plus because realism is very important in airsoft. However, the disadvantage may be that any gas, and specifically its compression and expansion properties, vary depending on the ambient temperature and may deteriorate when it is too low. Gas powered airsoft pistols may have worse performance due to that and sometimes can even jam. Although Green Gas works even at low temperatures - about 5 degrees, if we plan to operate in minus temperatures, the electric or spring models will be a more reliable choice.

When is it worth choosing the gas powered airsoft pistol?

Gas powered airsoft pistols are guns that have a rather specialized application. They will be most useful as a sidearm in the event of a failure of our main airsoft gun. It is good to have one more gun with you, the small dimensions of which will not interfere with the game, yet it can be a difference between victory and defeat. As primary replicas, gas powered airsoft pistols are a good choice in CQB games, speedsoft, or AIPSC competitions. Good maneuverability and as little load as possible are important during these game types - especially in the last two, which is why players often opt for handy and much lighter gas powered airsoft pistols. They are perfect for dynamic games when time is of the essence when taking the right shooting position is sometimes hindered by the lack of sufficient space or other obstacles. With a gas powered airsoft pistol, it is also easier to run or crawl quickly, which is often necessary in speedsoft.


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