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    Action Army airsoft

    If you ask airsoft enthusiasts about which manufacturer stands out in the replica market recently, many would certainly point to Action Army. What distinguishes the products of this supplier, and when is it worth considering their purchase?

    Gas pistol airsoft guns from Action Army

    One of the most popular gas powered airsoft guns, breaking records of popularity, is the AAP01. Although this replica does not have an equivalent, it draws inspiration from many iconic designs, such as the Ruger MK1. Its undoubted advantage is full compatibility with magazines from Glock replicas, the standard of such manufacturers as Tokyo Marui and WE. Many of the internal parts are also interchangeable, which makes potential repairs and tuning much easier. The innovation, on the other hand, is the polymer frame, 14 mm thread for the suppressor and fibre optic sights. Thanks to the double-sided breech release and the detachable magazine release, the replica can be comfortably operated by both right- and left-handed shooters. It is available in black and sand colours, and you can purchase a version equipped with continuous fire mode. For players who like to stand out on the playing field, the fact that the replica has been designed to be easily personalized will be important. The choice of tuning parts is also quite extensive.

    Sniper airsoft guns from Action Army

    Thanks to replicas such as the AAC T10-S, Action Army allows you to fulfil the dreams of almost every player, namely proving yourself as a sniper. As with the AAP01 airsoft gun, Action Army engineers decided to use the best standard. They chose the VSR design, so there are plenty of magazinesaccessories and internal parts available on the market. This will prove especially important for players who opt for tuning of their replicas. Unlike the popular AAC VSR, the T10 presents a modern and somewhat aggressive look. The stock has been equipped with an adjustable cheekpiece and shims to increase the length. The front of the gun bed is contoured to provide a secure grip. The special profile enables mounting of RIS type rails, which will be especially appreciated by players who mount flashlightslasers or - extremely popular lately - sports cameras on their replicas. The replica is also equipped with adjustable trigger hardness and a dummy magazine that can accommodate... the actual magazine, which is located in the same place as in all VSR replicas.

    Spare parts from Action Army

    Action Army provides in its portfolio a wide range of spare and tuning parts for its products, which are dedicated especially for players who want to be efficient during the game. The assortment includes not only enlarged reloading handles, but also hair-trigger or RIS rails.