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Airsoft spring shotguns

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    Airsoft spring shotguns

    Airsoft spring shotguns are replicas of shotguns and pump-action guns often seen in action movies. The necessity to manually cock the spring before each shot provides extra realism to our shooting experience. Our offer includes spring shotguns made of plastic, metal and a combination of wood and metal.

    Airsoft spring shotguns, similarly to other types of airsoft guns, shoot pellets, propelled by means of compressed air. The internal mechanism is based on three elements: cylinderpiston and spring. Due to their construction, airsoft shotguns require manual cocking of the spring by the user before each shot is fired. Airsoft spring shotguns provide the user with a high level of realism. The necessity to cock the spring before each shot gives us the opportunity for the action-movie like motion of pumping our weapon. An important advantage of this type of airsoft guns lies in the rate and field of fire. The latter, of course, depends on the particular airsoft shotgun. Interestingly enough, some airsoft shotguns come with more than one barrel. Some spring shotguns have three barrels, allowing to fire three pellets at once.

    The use of metal adds weight to the ASG and wood fittings make it more visually attractive. Some models, in order to make an even bigger impression, use shell replicas with pellets inside. After firing all the pellets, the "spent shell" is automatically ejected out of the chamber after the lock is released. In order to increase the speed of the pellets, depending on the model, the user can install a stronger spring. In addition, some airsoft spring shotguns available in our offer have more than one fire mode. The basic Pump Action mode means firing after reloading. In Slamfire mode holding the trigger performs the shot automatically, after each reloading cycle. Airsoft shotguns use various types of magazines. These can be shells, with a capacity of about 30 pellets, or box magazines with a capacity of, for example, 14 pellets.

    One of the most important features of this type of airsoft gun is the realism of use. The need to reload, the weight and the effect of the shot mean lots of realistic fun. Airsoft spring shotguns are perfect for CQB scenarios, where the battles are fought in tight and accuracy is often not that important. Unfortunately, this is also a disadvantage of many spring airsoft shotguns. With three barrels we get a very wide field of fire - at the expense of accuracy. It’s worth taking it into account when considering the purchase of a spring airsoft shotgun.